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Who Do You Think Is Hot?

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Ok, time for a shallow eye candy thread.

Who do you find attractive, hot, or just really like their style?

I'll start.

I really have it BAD for the dude from Thor...I forget his name... Who cares, he's hot.

Also Jason momoa from game of thrones...oh..my..

Feel free to post pics of your fav guys and gals...I would but can't figure out how to from my iPad ...grr

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I have favorites from different countries :D

India- Aamir Khan (yes he's 50 and I'm 17 but ******* he looks real good)

HongKong- Jackie Chan (yes he's also old but he's so cute)

USA- Logan Lerman (he's just so handsome) and Ryan Reynolds (because he's just so charming)

UK- Jack Whitehall (hehehehhehehehe)

Actually there's more but ;)

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Oh wow, so many - my list, off the top of my head:


Taika Waititi (*sigh* - New Zealand comedian/director/actor)

Ian Somerhalder

Ed Norton

James McAvoy

Nicholas Hoult

Tom Hardy

Benedict Cumberbatch

Johnny Depp

Shia Lebeouf (he needs to shave the beard tho)

Joel McHale (loved him in Community)

Matt Smith

Ethan Hawke (in his Reality Bites days)


In his heyday, John Cusack was my fave - before he stopped making good movies, around 2000. Err, he hasn't aged well either. 


Re Julian Mcmahon - I was at school with his sister, although she was in a different year. His dad was a (very wealthy) Australian politician & I remember his sister being dropped at school every day in limousines. Sorry - totally irrelevant & useless piece of information.

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Well, where do I start,


Harrison Ford (Younger)

Kit Harington

James McAvoy

Colin Firth (particularly in Pride and Prejudice)

Orlando Bloom

David Wenham

Richard Armitage

Norman Reedus (plays Daryl in 'The Walking Dead')

Josh Holloway and Naveen Andrews from 'Lost'

Also have to agree with Els1e about Ethan Hawke and John Cusack in their young days.

And I'm sure there are many more....


And my girl crush would have to be Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryn in GOT)

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Ian Somerhalder ( :hearts: Lost, The Vampire Diaries)

Nestor Carbonell (Especially on Bates Motel and LOST)

Matt Bomer

Francois Arnaud (As Cesare Borgia on The Borgias)


Model Alexander Uloom, and Omar Borkan Al Gala - the guy deported from Saudi Arabia for being too good looking!


f16a1451aeb3492dc3ef596094d6f224.jpg           b5719d34f257947c466fe029de6e090e.jpg






Scarlett Johansson

Kelly Hu

Angelina Jolie

Madchen Amick

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Monica Bellucci

Janina Gavankar (Luna on True Blood)


I also agree with Salma Hayek, and Sophia Loren when she was young.



- Christina

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Ditto Viggo Mortensen


He wasn't especially handsome but Michael Hutchence is still the sexiest man to ever lean into a microphone.


As for women: Ingrid Bergman radiated something and Christy Turlington was as near to perfect as it gets, like a Venus de Milo with arms. But the one that would make me turn is Jessica Alba. She just has It.

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