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Wasting Away

The Purist

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In the last year I have not left the house very much, when I have it has been for short periods.  I live in New York City so I basically take cabs/cars everywhere as I have developed a pervasive loathing of the subway and the buses just take too long.  I don't exercise.....at all and cannot bring myself too.  I never was one for going to the gym but I used to practice Kendo and do a lot of bike riding.  I have stopped laying in bed all day and have moved to the couch where I sit and try not to lay down, pathetic I know.  My laziness is appalling and embarrassing.  I feel like I am wasting away, I feel like by body hasn't been used in a while so I have all kinds of aches and pains? Can anybody relate?  Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,


I hadn't done any exercise until about three weeks ago and even now, I do very little but I'm TRYING to make a conscious effort.  I understand the feeling of being embarrassed  by laziness but I also know how utterly crippling depression can make a person feel. 


Please don't be so hard on yourself. (((Hugs)))

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It might be a side effect of medication?

Ditto the "Please don't be so hard on yourself".

You may be going through something, something real, not that regular old depression isn't real. I just mean maybe there is a reason and it's beyond your control.


Sitting on the couch is a huge step from laying in the bed. We all like to look back when we were "more", better looking, made more money, etc etc.  That serves no positive purpose (at least that is what I tell myself thirty or forty times a day when I do it).


Maybe little steps would work. I have been terrified to even apply for jobs after some of the stuff I have been through, but finally did, and am looking for more. We sometimes do things when we are ready, and we are ready sometimes after we spend time doing something else (or seemingly nothing else).

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i had the same problem so i started to go for a walk even if its for 5 minutes or less, after this i felt better and sometimes wanted to walk more.

when i couldn't convince myself to get out for a walk i settled for push ups(even one makes you feel a bit better because you tried and done something )

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I so get this.  If I'm at home I'm in my bed.  Fortunate for me, I guess, I have to go out to work.  I'm still trying to work my way to spend some of my time in the living room.  For whatever reason I don't seem to be comfortable there.  I do have a nice window in front of the dining area so I'll sometimes sit there with my computer while I'm cooking, but I have to force myself.  Once I'm done I can't wait to get back in bed. 


My four-year-old grandson came to visit the other day.  He grabbed my hand, and was going to lead me to my bed, and said, "Nana, you should get some sleep so you won't be so lazy."  Now, it's true it was 9am and I'd worked all night, but still, I know my grandkids have noticed the energy drop I've been in for a year or better.  It makes me so sad.  It also gives me the encouragement to fight back.


I'm in search of a really comfortable chair for my living room.  I think a nice reading lamp and upright position will do me good.


So, you're actually in a better spot than some.  Cheers to you.

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I understand.


I am perpetually torn.  Being in my mid-50's and having worked a desk job for the last ten years of my career, my body is old and tired.  Obese, out-of-shape, arthritis in my left knee, the periodic bout of gout in my foot.


I try to make it to the gym three or four days a week - it's only a touch over a mile - because I know I need to, if there's any hope for a reasonable life with activities and love from here on out.


But sometimes it's SO MUCH EFFORT to get up off the couch, hop in the car, and drive the three minutes to go work out.  I think about that energy expended, the achy muscles, the sweat, and the slightest little muscle ache or tinge of arthritis pain in my knee serves as a wonderful excuse to stay put.


It's like a battle of wills with myself... fortunately I win more than I lose, but sometimes I waste a whole week or two.   :verysad3:

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Well sitting is better than laying!


One thing at a time...


I think the short walk idea is a great next step.


I work a physical job.... so I have no choice, but if left to myself.  I am....


ENTROPY...... INCARNATE....... bow down and worship me!


If you can find the energy to.


Personally, I can't bear being the God of Doing Nothing.  Sounds too much like work,


I would, if left to my own devices, waste away.

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