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Lonely In The Summer

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Please respond, anything, even "hello" Thank you

I feel so lonely and worried for the future (when my parents aren't around). I have discussed this before, I only have my parents as reliable support. I have many acquaintances but maybe only one friend and she doesn't live near me. I find summer really lonely. In the past I've done evening classes and I am in a choir, but these don't carry on in the Summer. At church the coffee and tea after mass doesn't happen either. I also feel less happy in the house in the evenings. In winter I don't mind quite as much being inside and watching TV, but in Sumner I feel like I "should" be outside more. I can go to my local park, and I do that, but I feel very alone when I see others in groups.

I tried to ring the friend earlier but didn't get through so haven't really spoken to anyone today at all.

I could phone my parents, but I'm almost punishing myself by not doing it. I almost feel like if I don't allow myself that contact it will force me to make friends with others. It hasn't, just means I'm lonely now.

I will be with people tomorrow, but that is more a work situation, nothing personal.

I may have social anxiety and am waiting for assessment for aspergers (autistic spectrum).

I feel low tonight, I've taken myself to bed. I wish the earth would swallow me up, have thoughts of death, but I'm not suicidal.

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Hi Marie,


I get lonely in the summer a lot, too. I live alone and I can count on one hand how many times someone has come to see me in the last two years. Usually I am the one who goes out to see others. I can relate to how you are feeling. Tomorrow I will be the same as you, back to work with people but it is all just for work, nothing personal. I don't have a lot of advice at the moment as I struggle with loneliness myself, but I can say that you are definitely not alone. There is nothing wrong with you. I think a better thing to say is that there is something wrong with our world today. We shouldn't have this many lonely people suffering. We don't seem to be a community-driven society anymore, despite the presence of social media and forums, etc.


I wish you the best - hang in there.


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I'm alone too. By choice though . But I'm not lonely.  What you wrote made me think of a poem by Charles Bukowski.


  Oh Yes.


  there are worse things than

  being alone
  but it often takes decades
  to realize this
  and most often 
  when you do
  it's too late
  and there's nothing worse
  too late.

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Electric. Blonde - thank you, it is good to know I'm not alone. In my case I think it is more my inability to reach out. I don't know how to form relationships and friendships. I've had various therapy, but mostly along the lines of just getting yourself out there. If I have aspergers then it is more about how I think.

Lauryn - thank you. In the end I didn't phone my parents, instead I spent time on this board and another I joined

Imaman - There have times when I have been alone and less bothered about it, never happy, just ok. Now though I'm lonely. what an interesting poem - I did not know about the poet Charles Bukowski's and I've been looking at some of his work so thank you for introducing me to his work.

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