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Motivation For Job Search And Procrastination.


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I have some deep troubling issue with job searching.


Fear and anxiety crops up and I just get real depress when I have to think about it.



but I am feeling stuck at my current job (warehouse) and need something that will suit me and pay me descent wage.


I dread a job that I will get bored of or be around people I don't like.


I have a couple of health issue also, (pinched nerver in neck and some nerve problem in my mouse hand that prevents prolong usage.   So no seating in front of a computer all day.


Anyways, it is already kinda bumming me out typing this.



Anyone with similar problem?

and things you do to make it easier.


For me, I got my last two jobs because of someone I know.  So I know networking is often the best and easiest way, instead of sending out a bunch of resume that ends up as trash in some HR person's email inbox.   



I am in the San Jose area btw, so if you have job leads let me know.

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I know it's really hard looking for a job. Especially if you have anxiety. I've been meaning to look into job resources at the library for a while now but I haven't felt like leaving the house for a long time. I tried a couple times and had to turn around and go back because I was so anxious.

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