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Hi NoMotivationJustTired and welcome to DF,


Can't help but notice that your introduction post is a little bare, perhaps you could tell us a little about yourself? Please don't be shy :flowers: I am glad to see you are contributing to the forums and you already have a higher post count than some people who have been on here for years! DF is a wonderful community with people who look after each other and I am sure you will find the support you need.

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I am new, hello to all. I am a white male age 54. I am a service connected disabled soldier with major depression and general anxiety disorder.ptsd symptoms from 2001. I have major depression bad. I deal with it because I have too. Not because I want too. I am agitated. I have applied for ssd here but they do not listen so well. In USA , mental illness is not taken seriously yet. I was denied again 2 nd time. I am aggravated. I live in Michigan. I'm medicated but it don't really help. I forget things and I yell and I hear people at times. I'm sorry. I'm going back over there and start again at ssd. I was just awarded my va claim which took 8 years 7 months. Ty

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