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Hi. Does It Really Take This Long To Get Started?

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Two years after realizing I have depression, I finally decided to see a psychiatrist. When I saw her, I really liked her and felt like she cared. However, she informed me I would have to wait another two weeks for an intake appointment, and an additional number of weeks before I could begin medication or therapy. I was really surprised and disappointed to hear that, because it seemed like a ridiculous amount of time and I would really like to begin now.


I was just wondering if this is the actual process, if it takes this long just to get started on medication and therapy or if it is just this clinic. The clinic is part of a hospital in my area, and I only went to it because it was the closest place that had a female doctor. If someone could please share their experience with getting started, I would really appreciate it. I had already waited two weeks just to see this doctor, but I will go to another if I can get help sooner. 


I apologize if this isn't the proper area for this topic, but I just joined and wasn't sure where to post this. 

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 Welcome, staystrong. I know it is really hard to get prompt psychiatric help. My first pdoc when I was young young, it was very quick to get in. In all honesty, this was very shortly after September 11th, and I think the name of my doctor deterred some people from coming - because people were still very on edge and I could not get a quick appt anywhere else (This is NOT being racist - he was a decent doctor, and my maternal family is Lebanese/Syrian/etc so I felt very comfortable going!).


After I left that practice, HUGE problems getting appointments. Wait lists and more wait lists. Calls leading to nowhere. My next pdoc, I was not wait listed, but did have to wait 3 months for an appointment. When that pdoc left the practice, I had to wait 4 1/2 months to see her replacement. In my experiences, meds were prescribed at the initial consultation/intake with the psychiatrist. I know it is very different everywhere, though, and if for any reason your intake is with a psychologist - they are not MD's and CANNOT write prescriptions.


 Express your concerns during the intake - that is what they are there for, to answer questions and try their best to help you.


Warm Wishes,


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Umm... off and on meds three times, I think.  First time I was an inpatient, so that was pretty instantaneous.


Second and third times, the lag was purely getting an appointment - the psychiatrist (again, psychiatrist) wrote scrips at the initial visit.


Best of luck, my friend.

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I had been on meds and had stopped them. After my partner died, I was really depressed and anxious. I was very disassociated. I went to the health department, which wasn't helpful. It took me almost 3 months before I was able get an eval and then an appointment with the doctor at the psych facility I had previously been involved in. By then, I had been through the worst of it. Unfortunately, it does take some time, and then you still have to go through a period of waiting for the meds to take effect. Hang in there :)

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