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How Do People Get Through The Mornings?


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I guess i maybe diff but I love the morning I get up around 4;30 or 5am and off to work i go

The nights are more bad for me cause I keep thinking about what I did or did not do at work.


I work for myself so I can take time off at work in the day for a good thinking :1cat:

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Thankfully, I've never had to deal with this considering I work graveyard so my schedule is completely opposite of you day-walkers.

However, when I'm feeling particulary down I usually go for a walk with my music. Have you tried some moderate excercise in the mornings?

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I used to have this condition frequently. It's called diurnal depression. I still have it occasionally, but it is usually fleeting. Things that I did to cope were: take regular walks, keep a journal, play puzzles/games that focus me to concentrate on something other than my symptoms, and meditate.

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