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How To Make Friends When Stuck In The House...

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Hi Jules!

I'm sorry you're not able to get out of the house much. Being active on the forums is a great way to build friendships, as far as away from DF...I'm not really sure.

I hope someone comes along and has a better answer for you :)

Wishing you well (((Hugs)))

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I would hope you'd be able to find online groups you could join - clubs, Meetups, organizations related to areas of interest to you? Many groups allow members and sometimes visitors to Skype in or use Google video communications to join in a conversation,

Or, simply a forum related to an interest of yours. Kinda like you did here! :smile:

And how about your neighbors? Any opportunity to one/some of them, either at their place or yours?

Best of luck!

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Hello Jules


I have the same question like you.

Haven't got a good solution yet.

I created a new facebook account yesterday.

I intend it for communicating with people like me who is suffering from depression or any other illness or anyone from this site who wants to be my friend.

I won't invite any other persons.

Not sure if I can post my facebook account here.

Anyone who see this post, please add me as your friend in your facebook (your regular facebook or you can also create a new facebook account like me)

My facebook account name is Daniel Dolphin.

Thank you

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I have found message forums a good way to make friends online, they actually give you a little time to consider who the person is and let's you get used to them bit by bit. Something I find hard to do in chat rooms or anywhere that you need to adapt quickly to bond with someone.


I have made a LOT of dear friends via message forums over the years so it is entirely possible that you could do likewise.

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