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Anyway, I know that this sort of thing technically doesn't belong in a "Depression Central" forum, but I just couldn't seem to figure out where the hell else to put it. LOL.

Also, I thought we might all do well to have a diversion every now & then, and who knows? Maybe this'll even spark some passion-fueled discussion every now & then. Could lead to discovering common passions & interests with someone unexpected, which is always nice.

So... here's my first submission. My co-pilot.

(No, he's not permanently affixed there. Just seemed like a good place for the photo-op.)

(And yes, I'm a rabid Star Wars freak who happens to love Angry Birds as well...)



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Thank you, sir. Glad it helped. That can be huge. I understand completely.

AND, your post gives me an idea. Don't know if anyone would be interested, but I am thinking of starting an Episode 7 thread on here. I've got quite a bit that I could share about the film. Info, images, all kinds of things.

Would you read it and/or participate??


(Also, if you're much of a SW fan, be sure to check out the links in my signature...) : )

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Yay, it worked! Two of my adorable little frogs. These guys are only about 1 inch long in body but huge in personality. Don't mind getting their picture taken either.

How interesting that you keep frogs! They are so adorable.

Who'd have known they'd have such personality on too, they even look like they're smiling! :)

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Adam, that pic is giving me flashbacks. Just kidding, I love it!

cbutterflies, thanks for your comments. I recommend these playful little frogs for anyone! They're extremely easy to care for, they're clean, hardy, and don't require a large aquarium. You can also have certain peaceful fish with them. Their antics are so entertaining and they really do have their different personalities.

They very affectionate with each other ;O


Why ME?


It could be worse....


The grass is always greener.


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