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-Sorry of this is in the wrong section-

So I have a question

Whenever someone talks about depression, self harm, etc. I start shaking uncontrollably. My whole body starts shaking. I don't really feel cold, but sometimes I feel hot.

This especially happens when my best friend tells me about how depressed she's been feeling, or that she's been cutting OR if I have to tell someone about what's going on with me (depression, self harm, etc.)

I shake to the point where my core starts hurting, and the next day I'm sore like I just had a workout or something.

Does anyone know what's going on? Does this happen to anyone else?

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Hi....although I doubt I will explain it all correctly I just want to say I understand....and what you are describing can be totally normal.

I think anything that is so close to us....so much a part of us....can make us easily have a physical reaction to seeing it or hearing about it as it relates to other people.

I think the more intensely that it is a part of us...the bigger the reaction can be.

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Hearing something about our or your mental status can cause extreme nervousness if you're not willing to talk about it or accept it. I used to shake quite a bit if I started thinking about depression or someone else was talking about it.

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