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What Are You Grateful For?


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A very supportive father who never stops encouraging me onward and always makes sure he's a part of my life, long after I've become and adult and moved out.


A job that while not always fun or enjoyable is stable, and provides for a comfortable standard of living. 


A coworker that has taken me under his wing, that, dare I say, I could call a friend.

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For this place, for the ones who allow me into their lives. My wife, kids, gkids and now my dentist who took compassion on me and is working on my dental needs.

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This might sound kinda strange....but my co-workers.


I'd been off work (with depression) for nearly two years. My old boss suddenly looked me up, and asked me to return. This was several years after I quit and found a different job. I wasn't sure if I was ready, but we decided to just try anyway. (My boss knows about my condition.)


Many of my old co-workers are still there, but there's two (plus my boss) who just make my time there a bit special. I think it's rare to feel that way, based on what so many others say about their workplaces.


But it's just the little things: nearly every day, my boss/co-worker grabs me a coffee. And it's just the humorous back and forth between us, old memories from when I worked there before, the little compliments on my work.


I still have my bad days, y'know? The ones where I just don't feel like going in to work at all;  when I'd rather just hide under the covers and not face the world.


But then I get there- and within minutes, I always feel better.


So I'm grateful for that.

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Today Im grateful that most things turned out well for me at the VA. My blood sugar and cholesterol are perfect and I'll be seeing my pdoc soon. The only negative is that my liver isn't doing very well and the doctor wants to put me try a new medicine but as before I said thank you but no thanks. So today Im grateful for life itself.

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Rewatched all 3 Jurassic Park films. 1 is great, 2 was actually not as bad as I remember, and 3 is fairly awful.

I'm grateful for:

My beautiful child

My friends who have stuck by me and shown me love, even when severe depression reduces me to an isolated, intolerable wretch..

My job, and the ability to put food on the table, clothes on my back, and a roof over my head...

DF and everyone on it

The dear friends I've made here

My overall good health..

Living in a country that affords me the freedoms that so many others in other lands don't have, and that are taken for granted by so many of my fellow citizens :/



Samuel Beckett

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