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I became permanently disabled in 2004 due to multiple degenerative disorders/diseases, Chronic-Pain, PTSD and MDD. So I completely relate!!!

Even when the PTSD and MDD decides to behave, my body prevents me from participating! It sucks!

I've had to find things to keep me busy and entertained at home: my rescue dogs, crocheting, surfing the web, etc. And on days I can go out, I have to be careful not to overdo it - or bedridden for days.

I most definitely want more, how I'm gonna get that? Hopefully, this forum is another step in the right direction.

Few more suggestions: Call an old or new friend and plan an outgoing; Find a passion (hobby that you love) - though my arthritis gets in the way, when I'm done with a craft project it's all worth it.

Hope this is helpful and you'll find things that make you happy. ~Blessed Be

** ❤ ~Blessed Be **

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Happens to me all the time, that's why I mostly stay home now. It is difficult to relate to people, especially if they do not know you are depressed, don't care or pretend not to notice/avoid the subject. Even if I try to hang out with some friends, most of the time I really dunno what to say, I've always thought that people consider me their friend, but I have a hard time considering someone else a friend. It gets worse if i have to go out with more than one person, because then I just hear them talk and laugh and I feel isolated and dead and I just want to leave.

Today I am trying trying to start again, by taking the meds I stopped a year ago (Lexapro) maybe they will help.

I hope you can find something that you can enjoy, and please know you are not alone. :console:

Sorry for the not-cheerful-at-all post

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