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Went Back To Bed Today And Yesterday....not Depressed, Just Down


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I knew I would have a hard time this month. In a way I wonder if I even talked myself into in with the power of suggestion. I've always dreaded and hated January, February and March. The coldness and dreariness of it all. Monday was the first day my kids went back to school after a 2 week break, and after I got them off to school, it was only 7 am and barely light out, and so frigid...and I was sad that they were back in school after getting to spend a nice stretch of time with them all around....so I just got back in bed and stayed there pretty much all morning. I managed to get up around lunchtime and still got a good bit accomplished with regards to housework and errands. I even exercised. I told myself I wasn't going to get back in bed this morning and that I would have a really productive day, the house really needs a good cleaning and I have paperwork and bills to pay and a long, long, to do list....of things I can't seem to get motivated to do. But....I got back in bed again today and it was pretty much a repeat of yesterday...got some things done so I don't feel entirely lazy and useless. I just have little energy and I feel down. Not depressed like I was this time last year. Thank you Lord. I feel like a flower that wilts in the winter from lack of sunlight, and thrives in the summer sunshine.

Well, for the next 3 days I have to go to work in the morning so I will not be able to get back in bed, and apparently that is a good thing, because when left to my own devices, I can't get motivated. And being at work is a distraction, focusing on other people and their problems and trying to get all of my work finished in a competent and timely manner. I work every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this month.

Anyone else have problems coping with winter blahs? What do you do to help yourself make it through these cold dark months?

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I don't know that I have any suggestions but just want to say be gentle with yourself. If you are tired it is OK to rest. Our bodies actually need more rest in the winter to build up a tolerance to the cold. But regardless there are worse things in life than not completing your to do list. The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about it. It is impossible to live up to a superwoman self image. You got way more accomplished than I did. I shoveled snow and had something to eat. That's about it. Anyways from what I understand the winter blahs are very common and coming off all the joy and bustle of the holidays is a big let down so I believe you are just supposed to do whatever you want to lift your spirits or give you energy. if that is laying down for a a few more hours then so be it. Take care of you.

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