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You Know You're Lame When...


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You're glad to go home to your pillow. That's what I get to go home to, despite my best efforts. No phone calls. No invitations - given or accepted. No people in my home. No pets in my home.

Terrified to let on how desperate I am for human contact to my family, because instead of enjoying themselves they'd just worry about me and feel sorry for me.

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If you don't want your family to worry about you by telling them how you are feeling then what you could do is instead of waiting for their phone calls and invitations, you could call them and organise a day or evening out? Perhaps they are being quiet with you because they think you are busy or enjoying yourself already. You don't have to tell anyone how you are feeling if you don't want to but take it from experience that you have instigate things yourself rather than waiting for others to make it happen.

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