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Girl Hasn't Talked To Me Since High School


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I sat beside a girl in class and she would always smile, stare and talk to me. She had a long term bf though. I don't kno I sat beside her for 5 months and we just drifted apart. I was mean to her on facebook. And she kept blocking me although gives me a chance sometimes. What happened?

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Hi JC. Obsessive love must be hard to deal with. My sister had a bout of it and I have to say it terrified me as the person she became fixated on was a frightening person and it was firghtening to see her obsession.

Be really careful that posting doesnt open up obsessions for you and make them worse. Posting about obsessions can be a way of continuing them. That doesnt mean you cant discuss them. Its important to discuss what is bothering us. It does mean that you need to focus your posts and efforts on what can help you get past the obsessions.

Was this girl upset with you when you kept trying to contact her? How good are you at realising when you have stepped on someones boundaries and made them uncomfortable?

Remember that love is not about possession and obsessive love isnt about love. It is about obsession which in many ways is the opposite of love. Love is when we care very much what someone else wants and what makes them happy and we want them to feel free and happy. Obsession is about us and about fixing insecurities we have about ourselves or trying to ease our anxiety.

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