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Feeling Guilty?


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Does anyone else feel super guilty when they talk about their depression?

Here's my story: So back in about June, I told my mom about my depression. She took me in to talk to some guy so he could prescribe stuff. But I just felt super guilty telling my mom, and telling the guy. I felt guilty telling my bestfriend too. So now I feel like I can't tell anyone.

I even have a hard time really typing this.

My mom doesn't know I'm depressed anymore because about in July it got a lot easier. It didn't really go away, but it made me not feel so down. And about last month it slowly started coming back.

I want to tell people, but at the same time I hate the feeling and I don't want to..

Does anyone have an explanation for this or maybe even feeling the same way?

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I think this is pretty common, although I can't really say why. I think maybe we feel like we don't want to burden anyone or make them perhaps feel responsible.(which of course they are not really most of the time) I think sometimes I also think, "ok there are so many other worse things in life....what I am going through isn't all that bad."

Try not to feel guilty....generally if we tell someone it can help us out. I hope you are able to talk to them!

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It is hard when those you confide these feelings to send you articles about disasters and tragedies. Others have to worse, get over it are signs they don't care or are living in a different world to impossible to relate to.

I think it is hard not to feel guilty, because those in our lives we are mostly like to confide in are those who love us and feel pain that we are in pain. That's where the guilt comes in.

I feel shame when I unload on those not so close because it's just not done to over share, but I know why I did it. It's easy on the Internet when you don't have to worry about your self image if depression doesn't for that. People look at you differently, there's hopd you'll stop being depressed and you dont want it as your identity. That's how I feel.

The impartiality of telling a therapist might help. Why do you feel guilt telling them? They are trained to separate the feelings your mom would get that you are trying to protect her from.

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Yes! I feel so guilty. I really don't have anything in my life to cause actual sadness. I have a supportive family, friends, a car, apt, job...all that stuff that people who are content in life have. I just feel so horribly depressed. I recently told my mom and she cried and cried and blamed herself. That made me feel even more guilty.

Also, recently my 29-year-old cousin (like a sister to me) was diagnosed with breast cancer. How can I be crying and suicidal over nothing in particular when she's going through that? I would like to tell her what's going on with me (and her mom said I should), but I'd feel so horribly guilty, selfish, and worthless.

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