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Depresstion Over Child Services.

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Child services have been involed sincd may (birth of my son they turned up at hospital and all that 5 hours after labour no joke!) Anywyay they are apprently involed because my upbringing when i was a child beat me with same stick why not i might do same to my son(what a joke) , i am getting depressed mainly because i 1.not alowwed to leave my city i.e for short trips hoildays etc without child servcies aproveing what a load of s***t.

2.nothing i do is good enough for her.

3.she makes it out im a bad father.

4.i cant do this i cant do that its like im in a jail

5.she thinks i cant cope with my son took him for 3 opians on his "devlopment" he was complety normal

6.i suffer from anorexia she apprently worked with people with eds before yet she says "have u got fatter " or "u look little more chubbyer what u been eating?it not set me back 5 steps i moved forward from.

7.she is overloading me with workers.(10 are now involed)

8."you cant have friends or a relanship your son comes first"

9.im not alowed to transition from lady to man as it will"inpact my son" i onow many trans mums and dads it makes no diffrence!!!! So she rather me f****ing misrable greatttt....yep

Point is its makeing me to point ***Tw****

Im giving my son to friends ,going out getting wasted,binging on food then feel leads to cutting ,felling upset and pushing evrey1 away maybe they shpuld read how many people **** themselfs because them being f****ing as*holes

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please don't give up on yourself! You can make this work, and you can make it through this. Your child is depending on you, you can make it through this. Most of what progress I've made as a person has been because my children were depending on me. I'm sorry you're experiencing so much rejection, especially about your s*xu*ality. You can do this. Focus on whatever positive there might be and remember you are fighting for more than just yourself. Your child deserves to grow up with you. :hugs:

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This sounds really wrong. Why were they involved before your child was even born? Have you no history of issues yourself at all? Did this start out as support for you because of mental health issues such as the ED? Have you told her how terribly triggering her comments are about weight etc? I would hope that this was more about supporting you and indirectly your child if you were struggling before. Remember that looking after yourself is likely to help your child as well. If it is making you unwell consider writing a letter to someone higher up for support. Try using I statements and spell out wht would help you.

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