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I Am All Alone And It Sucks. Things Are Not Getting Any Better.

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This is my first post here so I will give some back story.

I am 22 years old. Born and raised in Maryland about twenty minutes away from Washington D.C and an hour away from Baltimore. I moved to Rancho Cucamonga California in February. Then I moved to Santa Monica in July.

I have never really had what you would call a good life. I've had my moments. But I have never have had happiness prolonged. I always get depressed again.

My depression comes with women. Or lack there off. I have only had nine sexual partners and six girlfriends. I just have these short term things happen since I was 13 years old.

After a bad date lead to this girl not wanting a second one I got into cold approach pick up. I did the 30 day challenge, read the game and itwas on. I first used pick up lines. Then I stopped doing that and just said what was out of my mine. I dated two girls for a bit out of that, have gotten a few one night stands, and an online date. But outside of that it's been miserable. Honestly I feel worse than when I started.

Before I didn't really know I was a loser. Now not only do I know that I am a loser, I know why. I know girls don't like me.

People say get on your purpose. I have big time. I am studying film right now, I am in post production of two short films I wrote, directed, and starred in that are going to be submitted to the four years that I want to transfer to and film festivals. I got an acting agent not that long ago too.

What people dont realize that yeah passions and hobbies can distract you. But it isn't enough. I'm just tired of being alone. I've tried cold approach pickup and I am still doing it. I go clubbing on Friday and Saturday nights, I game at college. All with very little success. I haven't gotten a date from a girl at college.

It's depressing. I've been masterbating quite a bit recently. It's hard to sleep. I'm depressed. I can't say that I am suicdal. But I feel like it sometimes. I honestly don't see how things are improving in my personal life.

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You " game ". That is a very unattractive a thing for a man to do to meet women. If you continue to wildly try PUA techniques, then you will never meet a woman who wants to be with you for more than a bit of fun. Women are not things to ' get '. You have to bring a lot more to the table. Ditch the PUA attitude.

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All gaming does is allow me to meet women. How is that a bad thing?

I don't want a long term girlfriend right now unless she is kickass in every way (beautiful, great job, intelligent). I want to casually date two to three women and then maybe pick a girlfriend out of three if I wish.

If not for game then it would be worse. Pick up has given me social skills. It has allowed me to meet more women. I haven't gotten laid a ton yet. But I have spoken to way more women doing this than not.

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What kind of social skills ? You want a buffet of women. Perhaps you are running into women who also want a kickass in every way, man. Nobody is owed other human beings. * looks for hidden camera *

I'm not following you. You say you feel alone but you don't want a serious girlfriend? You would rather date 2-3 woman at a time and choose between them if you feel like it.

I don't want to sound to harsh, but that's not life. I understand why you feel so depress because you have that fantasy in your head and you can't live up to it. First of all, what do you think these women will say? that's it's okay if they share you? How will they feel when they learned that you used them for your own good?

I have a feeling that you don't want to get too close to a woman (that's why your avoiding a close relationship). Are you scared of being rejected? Is it why you want a lot of women around you, so you'll be the one to reject if it has to happen? You'll be the master?

Sorry, but if you continue to see relationship that way, your in a hell of a ride!

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