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Cursed With Bad Luck

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Yes, life really is what you make it. We may feel cursed but there are those living with much worse circumstances.

Our wedding dinner was royally messed up when we eloped on an island. We were supposed to have an intimate dinner table set up on the beach and not to my surprise when we arrived at the location the restaurant has no record of our wedding dinner that night even though it was confirmed by our wedding coordinator. I didn't fret and we sat at a normal table among the other people dining. Not even 10 minutes later it poured rain. Our dinner table on the dock would've been ruined. Sometimes things are a blessing in disguise.

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And yes you can make bad luck happen by expecting negative. I've done it many times.


And I think we forget that everyone faces adversity and also messes things up.  We learn and move on.  Learn and move on.  Didn't Edison say something or other about learning 2,000 ways to NOT make an incandescent light bulb?

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Thank you for your responses all of you, but I really don't know what to think about this "positive thinking" and "self-fullfiling prophecies" thing.


Now, something completely different (like Monthy Python's say). Yesterday I was depressed (what else I could be?? happy??), so I watched a couple of documentaries about depression on Youtube. While I felt sorry for the people in those films, I couldn't really identify with them.


Why? All of them talked about mental illness, but not much was said about the reasons why they are sad and depressed, about the causes, as if there were no reasons, as if they just became ill.


Now I'm oversimplifying, but it sounded like: "Life is great, everything is cool (there were succesful businessmen, musicians or actors in those films). These succesful people had everything one could dream of, but they got depression. They became ill with this mental illness as some people get ill with flu".


How can I identify with these people? Depression didn't come to me out of nowhere. It's a consequence of the bad things and failures that happened in my life! I'm not sad for nothing! I'm not feeling down out of boredom! There were reasons for this!


All those failures made me sad and depressed and ruined my self-esteem! If my life was not full of failures and problems, then I would not be depressed.


My behaviour, no matter how frustrated and chaotic it may look to you, is a totally logical reaction to what was happening to me during my life! I didn't become "mentally ill", I'm just reacting to what is happening to me. I'm not ill due to some biological or chemical or genetical reason!


I have a "friend" (in quotes, not a real one), who tried to rationalize my problem by saying that actually "everything is great in my life", it's just I lack certain chemicals, minerals, vitamins or whatever in my brain, so If I take them as pills, then suddenly "everything will be fine".


Wait a minute - I told him. What about the CAUSES? What about all these bad things that happen in my life? Is that all just an optical illusion? If I take those pills, those problems which pushed me into depression will be gone? I will not have failures anymore? My work, my friendships and relationships and my health will become great? The "demons" who ruin my life will be poisoned or something? What the f*** is this? How can you spit on my life?


Metaphorically speaking: a psychiatrist can try to extinguish the fire, i.e. he or she will give you some pills to make you calm, numb and less sensitive to the problems, but he cannot help you to get rid of them. He/she cannot help you to get rid of the "entity" or the person that caused that fire (i.e. those problems).


These documentaries sounded like: "You, Lonesomecowboy, are just mentally ill, you have no real problems". What do you mean I don't have them?! It was my freaking life, everything I said on this forum was true!


Again, maybe I didn't get those documentaries right, maybe I'm oversimplyfying. Or I wasn't concentrated when watching, but that was my impression. Maybe I'm just angry and biased, I don't know.

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@Lonesome Cowboy [RE: Posted 30 September 2015 - 02:41 PM]:


Hey mate, I couldn't agree with you more.  There is even an entire heated debate in academic circles about depression being "a disease of privilege" - because, like you point out, there are huge businessmen, successful musicians, and of course famous actors who live in the heights of professional and financial success, including all the amazing comforts and freedoms that comes with it all, yet they still end up depressed. 


If people with the curse of this bad luck syndrome - whose scientific basis I am genuinely working toward identifying! - even have a fraction of the freedoms and comforts the above-mentioned people have then we'd instantly vanquish all the ridiculous problems which keep beating us down by provoking these totally justified and natural reactions to the stupid and shocking injustices perpetually hurled at us. 


I do not really know how this forum works (it's the first online forum I have ever joined in my life) so I cannot be certain if any of my comments or replies to comments are actually being delivered - and yes, this uncertainty I have is a direct result of countless times in the past wherein my legitimate and totally correct executions of electronic communication were inexplicably lost unbeknownst to me, and I was unjustly blamed and abandoned to suffer the exhausting, costly, and time-consuming consequences on my own.  (Nowadays I save everything I type after every 2-3 sentences AND I take screenshots of all confirmation pages and save them on my laptop, my USB drive, AND on my external harddrive!)


I respect everyone who battles depression - regardless of their personal circumstances - and never seek to offend anyone.  All of my posts on this forum have so far been - and will only ever be - sharing of information with no intentions of harm or negative judgement. From the tender age of 4 I have always chosen my words extremely  carefully and I have always said exactly what I mean and I have always meant exactly what I have said.   I do not sugarcoat things.  I do not say overly saccharine things in order to soothe someone I respect.  I hate passive-aggressiveness and thus I never veil insulting or perjorative judgements about others in euphemism or sarcasm.  Consequently, any offence taken to anything I say ought to be addressed to me directly, openly, and honestly in a polite and objective manner - because my intentions for joining this forum are for valuable information exchange so that we can correctly characterise and quantify those aspects of depression which have thus far been ignored by the academic/medical community.  Please feel free to PM me anytime with any such comments or queries (because I don't really understand how to locate this thread which is my primary interest in this forum...every attempt I've made thus far invariably fails, even when I use the search function with verbatim search strings!  Bad luck syndrome strikes again *sigh*)

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Many of us know how you feel, exact. I am religious and believe I'm being punished for some reason. I think because I divorced someone who turned out to be a dangerous person.

Whenever something improves, it's destroyed not long after starting. I honestly do believe there is something unexplainable in existence that determines our luck.

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I don't mean to bump an older post but I had to reply to this. I completely understand where you are coming from OP, as I have had a slew I bad luck for a while now, I can relate to the whole bad luck thing. It really does feel like there is some outer force controlling this all, I've had experiences that have really made me think and wonder, and yea I do wish there was a forum for what you speak of, it may be able to help a lot of people out, anyway I am sorry you are going through this but if you want to talk about it you can just message me on here if you want, I can tell you some of my own experiences as well. Anyway I hope you are doing better with the whole luck thing, I know it is hard to deal with trust me, but I hope it has gotten better for you.

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I've signed up to this forum to specifically reply to this. Everything in the original post resonated with me. I feel now that whatever joy and spirit I once had just being extinguished as the years go by as I'm ground down by the heavy weight of bad luck, month after month, year after year. I'm so weary from it and I'm weary bouncing back and trying again only to be slapped down. There's no break either between the incidences. I barely get to draw breath when the next rotten, horrible unforseen thing happens. However, read on, because I have a theory which seems to make some sense and might give people a little bit of hope. 

With me, the non-stop bad luck has got so bad, that I too have become convinced that 'being cursed' is the only rational explanation, even though it seems utterly ridiculous. I've examined some of the situations, and some are due to bad decisions on my part (so far so normal), some situations are made worse by lack of money (same for many people), but what is not normal is the unrelenting bad luck that follows me, bolt out of the blue occurrences that I have no control over, which happen at least every month if not every week. Add them together with 'normal' unfortunate occurrences and it leads to a really rotten life 99% of the time. 

Like the OP, I've got to the point where I'm literally afraid to begin anything, and feel like there's no point trying to achieve anything in any sphere of my life because I know, for sure, that as soon as I try to better myself that some out-of-the-blue bad occurrence will happen and ruin everything. Same as when something good happens, I think "finally! Things are on the up at last" and before it develops into a job/relationship/whatever, it's destroyed by bad luck before it's even begun. 

A couple of things I've noticed about this:

1: Bad luck is very connected to the things that I want the most. I studied and try to work in a creative career. I've done everything in my power to get somewhere with this. Yet, people untrained and less talented are raking in thousands a month and I earn zilch, despite having always been extremely talented (high grades from school and onwards, appraisal from outsiders etc. but no actual real achievement) Every time I try to begin work on this chosen career things go horribly wrong. Printers break, hard drives wipe all the files and images I needed, equipment goes awol, I get sick, someone in my life gets sick/has a crisis and sucks up all my time and so on and on. It has been horrific and soul destroying to see my dream being repeatedly wrecked on me and knowing that no matter what I try to do, that it will continue to be annihilated by outside forces. It's got so bad now, that I now nearly hate my former chosen passion, it's become to associated with misery and despair and unfairness. 

2: When I try to think positively about life and believe that I deserve good things is when: I know for sure that something really nasty is about to happen. If I try to look on the bright side "well, x bad thing happened, but just as well, because it could have been worse if it hadn't", that's when the demon/universe/spirt/curse does its worse. I feel it's laughing at me "ha! Thinking positively and trying to be happy? I'm going to do something extra nasty to destroy all those happy thoughts." And it sure does.

One recent example was after a series of major crises and problems that sucked up years of my life was that just as I emerged from those horrors, I thought "okay, now, now finally I can get to work and get on with my plans and my life." That very day I fell and snapped my Achilles tendon in two. 6 weeks in plaster 2 weeks in a special boot, more weeks of physio thereafter. Can't walk, can't drive and it has me exhausted. Despite this, I was still trying to get on with things after the initial hospitalisation. I'm not lazy. I work hard, I like to achieve and being slapped down by life each and every time I try to do anything is super frustrating for me. Of course having a ruptured tendon wasn't enough, I got another illness, making working on anything a horrific struggle against feeling now extremely ill. Years of similar situations have prevented me from earning money and keep me now living well below the poverty line, which in and of itself is soul-destroying.

I swear, I'm not a negative person. As the OP mentioned, I'm not depressed for nothing. I'm depressed and anxious from all these horrible things happening over and over again. It's so wearying. I do sometimes get to my end goal, but having every achievement so hard won due to horrific bad luck and disasters along the way means that by the time I reach my goal I'm exhausted and miserable and wondering why I even bothered trying. It's really a horrible feeling to look ahead at your life and know that no matter what choice you make, no matter what route you take it will end in disaster. I live in a constant state of fear as to what next disaster is going to befall me. I'm anxious all the time because of this. 

Anyway, enough of all the bad things and on to my theory: What I'm wondering is - and someone in the comments above brought this up already - is the bad luck due to in fact a positive force? Am I, instead of being punished, actually being pushed away from the wrong choices in life? What if the creative career I was pursing (which has been totally destroyed by the repeated efforts of the evil force) is the wrong career for me? Maybe that spirit (my own subconscious, or whatever you want to call it) is actually trying to do me a favour and put blockades in my way because actually I'm destined to be doing something else? What if the problems I have finding somewhere to live is due to the fact that I want to live in is the wrong place. What if, once I'm on the right path in one area, the other problems will also fall into place? Maybe if I'm on the right path, I'll meet the right man, earn money easily...and so on.

This theory came about due to me taking up a new hobby. It began with a weird thought out of the blue - as if someone else put it in there, telling me I'd be happy if I took up playing music. This thought wouldn't go away. It made no sense. It was out of the blue, but so persistent that I began to believe it. Being utterly miserable (from the previous year's bad luck making my life a living hell) I had nothing to lose. From the very offset every thing went well. I got a the very musical instrument I wanted and on sale. I had time to practice, and I did, for hours a day, getting addicted. I found I picked up how to play nearly magically quickly. People began to let me know about workshops. I never thought I could sing very well, but two musical professionals (who I didn't know) happened to be there when I played for the first time at a get together and both came up and told me I should be playing open mics, along with others saying I had an amazing voice. An old online friend with a similar musical appreciation reappeared from the blue and likewise encouraged me and pushed me to video myself so they could see and hear me play. Confidence boosted from doing that once, I put more videos online. Then people online invited me to join forums for similar musicians and I've made some online friends, had a very positive response, quickly garnered followers, kind comments and encouragement. 

I'm astonished. Stuff like this NEVER EVER happens to me. In fact, the above experiences is the exact opposite of everything that's been happening to me in every other aspect of my life. It has shown me that bad things don't always happen. Now that I know what being in the flow feels like, I'm wondering now, is this what I'm to be pursuing? It makes no sense, I'm too old to become a pop star in the traditional sense and I can't really see how I could make a career out of this. I mean, it'd be nice if this proves to be some kind of silver bullet solving all my bad luck problems, but right now, I'm playing and singing a year and still have all the bad luck happening to me outside of this, the money problems, the relationship problems and so on. However, since there's been no major set-backs, bad luck, crazy weird s**t happening to prevent me from continuing, I feel like I should carry on and see what happens. Maybe it will be a silver bullet. Or maybe I need to keep my brain primed to recognise a similar thing that will draw good experiences and luck to me, rather than bad. 

Since my pursing music all started with a strange out of the blue voice in my head (I know that sounds totally mad, but that's what it was like). I'm now waiting for another sign to tell me where to go and what to do with this and see if suddenly some real good luck and opportunities, being in the right place at the right time happens. 

All I can say is that maybe people experiencing similar bad luck should identify if there are things in particular where it's at its worse. And if possible, just stop doing them. Stop chasing x type of women/men in xyz places, stop trying to pursue a career in finance (or whatever), stop trying to buy a house in x neighbourhood or country. Start instead feeling your way through life and finding what the 'bad luck demon' does allow you to do easily and follow that instead. It's just a theory, but so far, for me, just knowing that there is one aspect of my life that for a year now hasn't suffered from this curse, must mean that the same can happen for others, if I just stumble upon the right path and direction. 

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I'm a walking, talking example of Murphy's Law. Anything that can go wrong in my life will. If it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.

I realized early on that I was always a second early or late for something "good" to happen to me. It always happened to someone else who was there at the exact right time.

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Hi lonesomecowboy. Reading what you posted literally sounds like the story of my life. Anything that can will go wrong so much so, to the point of settling for so much less. For instance, growing up,I got in trouble and was blamed for literally everything that went wrong, with no proof of anyone doing it, yet me, not my brother, got punished and ground time and time again. Even when it was proven to be my brothers fault i was still blamed and punished. Mind you logic says to ground both and punish both if you don't know who did it. Now you might say this is middle child syndrome, since i have a younger sister with a different dad. Yet that's not the case. I wouldn't say it was favoritism either, seeing as how this is the type of stuff my brother has coasted off of his whole life. Seemingly, I have the bad luck and my brother has (What is wasted on him) Prodigy like good luck. Anything wrong in his life is always well within his control and can easily be considered his fault(Which is why his luck is wasted on him), Yet mine seems to be things completely out of my control(Even my girlfriend, friends and some family notice it, and too are completely baffled by it).

I have spent majority of my life growing up being punished and grounded for things i didn't do, and yet because of those things deprived of privileges my brother wasn't deprived of. He, because of his luck(Kind of spoiled by it i guess you could say) never really had to ever do anything, people bailed him out of any and all situations no matter how many times he ****ed something up(Too many to count) Where as with me if something like that were to happen no one would be there for me like they were for him(Family). Not only have i been in trouble for things he has done, i have been labeled  lazy(Though i most definitely am not, actually my brother is) and my brother not labeled lazy.  He has also taken credit for many things i have done to try to prove my self growing up(Seemingly a failing endeavor due to people failing to want to punish him, and do so to me instead) . My modesty does play a part in that, cause unlike my brother, i don't like to broadcast what im doing like he does(When he does stuff in a half xxxed manner) to make people think he does stuff(Then he tries to pawn the rest of it off on me, cause he's too lazy to finish what he started). Many fights have been started over this with my dad taking his side yet again. It's one of those scenarios where i guess you could say the good child is demonized and put down for no reason, while the s***ty child is glorified and free to do what ever he wants.


Mind you it does seem like s***ty luck, but there is one thing i can take as a positive out of this small portion of my life that i'm sharing with you that is consistent with weird bad luck(Almost as if no matter what i'm seen as negative, despite all of the good i have done, and all of the negative i have avoided doing) . I have turned out better than my brother , who is self centered, a thief and many other bad things. Where as i really frown upon that, and don't do it due to the fact i have been blamed for doing those very things when i didn't do them. Like i said no matter how hard i try, i am still blamed for things like that. My brother is also a pathological liar, due to his good luck and special treatment seemingly due to his good luck. I spent the last 6 years taking care of my dad who has ALS and my brother gets away with going around saying he does everything and i do nothing. When he actually does nothing. This is more bad luck, here's the worst part. Everyone i tell "No he doesn't do any thing for him at all, actually i do everything" They don't believe me and believe him. Even though his past track record says other wise, where common sense says you cant believe him.

Though i speak the truth, I am hardly believed or given credit until it proves itself(Mind you i tend to be right about these things 100%) Even then people fail to believe me after proving what i say time and time again, yet people would believe people like my brother who proves nothing time and time again. Almost like no matter what the negative outcome of everything is 100% gonna happen, to the point to where i can predict what's gonna happen. My girl friend, up until recently was one of those people who didnt believe me even after proving things time and time again, until finally i seemed to have proven it enough times. Now she (The only person) who seems to catch themselves when not believing me(Almost as if i am jinxed and something other worldly is swaying people and things around me, hence her catching herself not believing me and has to stop and think about it, people almost immediately don't believe me with out giving any thought to it what so ever which is weird, and why my gif seemingly has to catch her self doing that very thing).

Also timing. My timing is so totally awful(Either bad luck or i was born too late, like out of sync with time  or something). My girlfriend has noticed her luck significantly change since being with me. That's the part i haven got to yet. My luck seems to infringe on others. Her luck was great before me, now its awful to the point of tiny little s***ty things happening every day that she didn't have to deal with prior(yet she's still with me x'D). When i'm with friends, drama always follows, like people just walking up and starting for no reason, unprovoked, like negativity follows me(ending in fights, most common with one of my best friends). It's the type of stuff that can make one go insane when no one see's it,  like the majority of my child hood, until my friends and girlfriend started acknowledging how odd my s***ty luck truly is. Almost like i always have enough skill to accomplish something, yet no matter what, no matter how close i get to it, it seems like something other worldly is throwing things at me completely out of my control, and the more i try the more its like a domino effect. Like something is trying to stop me from succeeding(In everything) and the more i try the more p***** it gets and throws more bad luck my way. Seemingly when i want something the most.

Now back to my bad luck infringing on others. Almost always when i have something of someone else, something crappy happens to it, whether they accidentally leave it here or i borrow it. Mind you most of the time i don't touch, but other things come in to play, animals knocking something down and breaking it, someone else accidentally bumping into it, me bumping into it , things that just seem to have to do with bad timing. Ive learned to try and cope with things like this, like catching them, or predicting something negative to happen, and try and avoid it(Sometimes making it not as bad as i predicted). It's like a foresight subsequent of hinesite, due to severely consistent never ending bad luck. Back to my brother real quick. People in my family always see the good things he's done(Which are actually things ive done hes taken credit for) Despite the bad things he has done that severely out weigh the good things he took credit for(The bad things he's done that he was caught doing and couldn't be pinned on me, since i don't do hard drugs or got caught by the cops) , yet when it comes to me, who has done a lot of good(And like you was acknowledged, half xxxed, and then completely forgot about, unlike my brother who they seemed to remember his good deeds) they only see the bad i have done. Yes i done a few bad things growing up, i wasnt perfect, yet i was nothing like my criminal brother. There is seemingly no logic to any of it, yet it happens every day. To this day. There is more but i can't type it all. My girlfriend told me i should write a script about my life and make it a movie, but there are others just like me. They should. 

I should also say, before anyone decides to chalk it up to me seeing nothing but negativity creating more negativity. That my bad luck was completely unrprovoked by said negativity like that. I lived a pretty optimistic life up untill the point i couldnt handle it any more(I was around 16 or 17). Despite my bad luck mind you. You can only live with bad luck for so long before you start seeing things in a negative light. Let me tell you, things were worse when i was blindly optimistic. Because i was too blind for the forsight subsequent to hinesight. So no, it was not because i saw negativity and attracted it. Negativity just seems inherently attracted to me, and judging from this post many others, who have been dismissed my simply saying "Oh you see thing negatively thus you have negativity in your life". There is much more to it than that, if you ask me. 

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Dear Lonesome Cowboy,


I've read all of your words and I beleive you,... because I feel the same,... Althought yours is an older post, I hope you will be able to read this,...

While I was reading, I could feel your sadness, because the more I read, the more I knew exactly what you were talking about and the more I connected with your words,... This is actually how I found this today.

I'm 32 and back to school, in a firefighter training. So most of my classmates are around 22, therefor very much younger then me. I'm having a hard time with the group, the more I seem to try to fit in and to be part of it, the more bad luck I get and am pushed aside, its systematic, like you say, I can almost predict it know. I try so hard ! But it always seem to backfire in my face, always,... 

Its always been like that, I really thought this time could be different, that I would do my best to look good for the group an also for them to be proud of their ''Papy'' (thats what they call me) but whatever I seem to do, no matter what, even if one day I decide to keep a low profile,... something will happen to me,... always.

Even today,...

That why I found this. I went on google and wrote down: ''Seriously, I think I'm cursed with bad luck'' and found this site and the first thing it showed me was your story,...

I've always had this ''bad luck'' as well that followed me around in everything: school, groups, friends, work, relationships, etc. Everything I seem to touch falls apart,... And I don't get it !!! Its very frustrating (-_-) !!! I mean, I know I'm not a bad person, I too was well raised, with good values and morals, and I'm always willing to help someone in need, thats the reason I want to be a firefighter,...

But like you say, its always the ''bad ones'' that seems to be liked,... and gets ''in'', with barely any efforts,...

I could go on and on about how our lives are very similar both unfortunately, I have to go back to class, but I just want you to know,... I beleive you, because I know EXACTLY what your talking about,...

P.s. sorry I don't have an answer on how to make it better,... but at least knowing I not alone with this, will help me finish the day...

Take care,


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Mr. Lonesomecowboy,

      The 'Teal Swan' channel is by a woman that is a spiritual advisor, not a religious per 'se. I personally think that you should watch as many of her videos you can muster. I thought of my life just as you are now. I have a lot of physical ailments that aren't disabling on their own, but when you put them together, I'm really messed up physically.

    Welcome to the forum. First and foremost, I'll be your friend until the end, no matter what. I'd like to suggest a YouTube channel by the name of 'Teal Swan'. No, I'm not advertising anything for anyone.  The things I'm fixing to suggest are the same things I did. I was once in the very same boat as you. I tried going to the doc's, getting all types of prescriptions like testosterone shots, phentermine for diet, high blood pressure meds, bone inflammatory meds, fibromyalgia meds and depression meds. All at the same time. I took them for almost 3 years constantly, every day. Then I started doing my own research about all of my issues online in various places.

      I'm willing to bet you a dollar to a dog biscuit if you do it, and do it honestly without cheating yourself, you'll feel like a million dollars in 2 months. It has a lot to do with your everything, including your diet, your thought processes and even spiritual, not religious per se. I feel awesome every day. I'm on disability but I don't let that stop me. I'm able to do all of my homes maintenance inside and out without much pain. I ride a Yamaha 250 YZ 4-Stroke when it's nice out, I ride my little dune buggy on the local back roads and I pick up aluminum cans just for something positive to do for myself and the environment, I do the maintenance on 3 vehicles too. I also have a grand baby to keep up with. I'm constantly going is the jest of it. I do all of these things with an amputated right leg, below the knee, as well.

     About the easiest to start with is your mental and spiritual state. For that I recommend a YouTube channel by the name of 'Teal Swan'. She is a spiritual advisor. I don't agree with everything she says, but she can get you started in the right direction.

     Second, your diet. From the start, take in as little as possible of the following:

      1. Gluten. It's something that's added to stuff like those powdered gravies you buy in the packets from the market. It's also found in tomato ketchup. Ketchup is the highest I have found so far.

      2. Sugar. Sugar is the number 1 bone inflammatory in the world. When I say sugar, I mean all of it, including the artificial sweeteners found in sugar free Kool-Aid and diet sodas.

     The following is what I did that has improved my life so much.

      Eat more raw veggies, period. Do not eat too many meats, the reason is, is because when our bodies take in too much protein it will process or metabolize what is left that we don't need into sugar and even body fat. The body isn't careless and throw away 'energy' when it can store it.

       I recommend taking some Omega 3's for fatty acids. The fatty acids will do 2 things. First, it will repair ligaments in your joints. Trust me, I testify now that it works. Before I started taking it my joints would grind so bad I could hear them, which they don't now. Second, it will increase your metabolism. Who doesn't need or want that?

      If at all possible find some Aluminum Free Baking Powder or Soda, doesn't matter which. The reason is since any water supplied by the 'system' has Fluoride and Chlorine Bleach. They 'say' it's good for your teeth, but they're fibbing. What they're really doing is extracting the Alkali from the water. That's also the same stuff found in batteries to help them keep their power longer and better. Our bodies need it. All it takes is a sprinkle just like salt in a gallon container for drinking. You could even use it for unsweetened tea. I also put about 1/2 teaspoon in my bath water. That's right, I take baths, not a shower. It'll make the drinking water taste like it came from the top of a mountain back in the 50's before the 'fluoride and chlorine. It tastes great. I will warn you, when your body get's enough, you'll start to have a funny or bad taste in your mouth is all.

     Calcium. Your body needs it for proper digestion. It'll also help with things like Ulcers or Acid Reflux. Not including it's great to help your bones recover from the fluoride and chlorine.

     Iron. Iron helps keep your red blood cells high. It will help your immune system fight off any unwarranted 'stuff'. Just for thought, it wouldn't hurt to get organic veggies. The reason is because GMO's some farmers use for higher yields from the vegetable plant. GMO's are Genetically Modified Organisms. Any organism that's been modified, no matter your way of thinking can't be healthy, period.

     I also take a Men's Multivitamin called One-A-Day Pro-Edge. That helps the rest of the needed vitamins you may not be getting from food. It took me a long time to figure this stuff out because it's not like your doc will tell you the cause, they just write a script, that pharmaceutical companies make for money. They're all in it together to make money. All they do is prescribe something for the issue, they're not telling what's the cause is, it's that simple.

     I hope all of this helps you in some way. Keep fighting the good fight and hold your head up!




P.S. The only meds I'm taking now are depression and high blood pressure. I haven't been to a pain clinic in almost a year for any type of narcotic for pain.


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Hello Lonesome Cowboy. I realize this is an old post, but I registered 4 this forum just 2 comment on ur post.

Ironically, I had searched this bad luck thing on Google not 2 long ago. However, ur post did not show on my search results. Last night (because a situation in my life) I searched "how to comfort a depressed peron", guess what happened? Ur post was on my results. Yet when bad luck was my search topic, ur post did NOT show. Figures! I am thankful I did find it though. 

I can TOTALLY relate 2 what ur experiencing! I do hope by now ur luck has changed. I have said the same exact thing as u on a Facebook post about a month ago. Why me? Am I cursed? It seems there is an invisible force that is putting obstacles in my way at each and every turn! Unlike a large percentage of ppl, I DO believe in curses. As well I believe in God, angels (in human form), supernatural events, and psychic activity (2 an extent). It simply AMAZED me 2 read ur story. It was as if I were reading about my own life! I have also gotten the same response as u, "think positive", "it will be ok", "ur not cursed" etc etc. A friend had also advised me 2 watch a movie for advice, "The Secret". Which at some point, I used my humour and positive thinking. But at some point, u get tired of fighting. The problem with the positivity thing, which some obviously doesn't understand, is that when u have a run of bad luck back 2 back, u are simply 2 depressed by all the circumstances that has fallen ur way to be mentally able 2 do that. Heaven 4bid having depression (I have as well, bipolar/depression) that makes it even harder. 

I will give u insight into my life, so u will better understand my situation. I've been a single mom since 2004. I have 3 children, which I've raised by myself, though I did get a lil' child support from their dad. I bought a home in 2012 (by myself which is great) for a great price. I can't honestly say I have bad luck all the time, but when u have a constant run of bad luck, it is hard to remember the good. U worry about the last bad thing that happened, b4 u can fix or even process that, here comes something else! It's all like a pile of bricks piling on ur shoulders. At some point, ur gonna collapse. 

Just this year, I started off with financial issues, I almost wrecked my car (started Jan/Feb), my well quit working, we had no water, I replaced the regulator, it worked, then stopped again. Replaced the regulator again, worked, then quit. Replaced the entire breaker, worked a lil', got in the shower, got soaped up, quit working AGAIN, I couldn't even rinse off! Had 2 dry off with soap still on me! I finally had 2 call a plumber (which I couldn't afford) that charged around $80.00 just 2 diagnose the problem. It was the wiring that ran underground 2 the house. 2 have it rewired was going 2 be $200-$400! We were blessed tho that the gentleman ran the wire 4 us anyway (free of charge)  we were only responsible 4 burying it. Maybe a month later (if that) when it began 2 get hot, I turned the air conditioner on, wouldn't u know.... IT DID NOT WORK! Got Morris Jenkins out here (another $80), they said the compressor was shot. Got a 2nd opinion (a lil' cheaper), they said the same. The compressors shot. It had a 5 year warranty on it, which we had been here only 4 years, I called the manufacturer,  they said the installer of the original unit did NOT register it, therefore the warranty was void! The cost 2 repair the unit, $3000. The price 2 replace, $5,600! Fortunately, though it's costing me $13,000.00 finance charges and all, the last AC ppl worked with a company that financed for ppl with bad credit. Got that replaced, stuck with a new $225.00 monthly bill, when my finances already sucks! Then, I began 2 feel like Rumplestilskin. Only everything I touch turns 2 sh**! FF a lil', my daughter began having major depression/suicidal idealations, I was worried 2 death about her, and I missed a lot of work 2 be with her. Which I would do anything 4 my kids. After that, I got sick (worked 3 months this way) I couldn't hardly breathe. Went 2 the Dr, found out I had double pneumonia! Missed 2 weeks work, went back 2 work for 4 days, couldn't stay awake. Even walking I felt I was going 2 collapse. Fell asleep a few times driving. Last time (on a Friday) I dozed, woke up on the other side of the rd with cars heading my way, I said no more. No way am I gonna risk hurting someone. I stayed out of work, my mom took me 2 the ER. The Dr there treated me as if I was a drug seeker because my meds showed on a drug test. Yet nobody there bothered 2 ask wt meds I was on. I finally got in with my Dr. They put me out another 2 weeks! I went back 2 work on my job (I wrote the job description), was there 2 days, began being harrased by not 1 boss, but 2 bosses! I knew wt was going on, they were trying 2 force me 2 quit or building up 2 fire me. They took me in the office, was reprimanding me 4 job performance  (keep in mind that I wrote my job description cuz I was the 1st on it) and not doffing stuff that wasn't there! I've worked 4 this company for 17 years. Never had a reprimand! Only once 4 my hair (it was 2 long), that was a verbal warning. I got tired of the treatment, that was the final draw, I threw my badge on their desk, told them good luck finding somebody who really gives a f*** about the job n I walked out. Now I'm jobless!

Rewind about 10 years, I'll make it short, this post is really long, I lost my kids 2 their dad (he made me look like a monster 2 dss), DSS didn't want my friends around cuz their influence, I had 1 friend left 2 be there 4 me, Mark; my boyfriend cheated on me, then left me at the same time, I lost the relationship with my dad, had 2 battle with DSS n ppls lies, then low n behold, my friend Mark, the only 1 I had committed suicide! I was completely alone!!! This year n the year I lost my kids is/was horrible years! U know 1 thing they both have in common? They both end in 6! 2006 and 2016. To make my story even more ironic...... my divorce (NOT agood thing) with my kids dad was declared, finalized, and signed by a judge on 06/06/06......

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I just had more bad luck! I wrote out a long response to this, and guess what? It didn't go through and made me sign in again! I was already signed in! 


I am writing this response to you on a brand new laptop that I have had for a month. The graphics card decided to take a crap on me today and now I have to ship it back to the manufacturer to be repaired. It's still under warantee, but I have to pay for the shipping! I have to pay for them to ship it back to me too! And I also have to pay to ship it back to my friend who lives on the other side of the country, so he can put all the games and other stuff back in it that he put in there before. And then pay again for him to ship it back to me. I've already invested $80 in shipping charges so far. Did I mention that I got robbed a few months ago and the jerks who robbed us stole my laptop, which was 6 years old and not worth very much money, but left behind my friends laptop which was a thousand dollar laptop with 3d capabilities, that had been sitting right out in the open, in the same room that my laptop was?! And let's not forget about what happened when my friend tried to get me a new one after that. He ordered one for me, customized it and put in all kinds of photo editing programs for me and games, and then the bomb dropped. The laptop had some kind of defect in it that was preventing it from charging the battery back up. He had to send it back to the manufacturer and get a refund. Then he got me the one I'm on now, which I've had for a month and now has a failing graphics card. 

When I was 5, I got this awesome ring at the dentist as a prize for not crying while he worked on my teeth. I loved it to death. I wore it everywhere. My parents took me to Florida for my 6th birthday. I wore that ring. I was sitting on the edge of the swimming pool at our motel. The ring somehow slipped off my finger and fell into the pool. It landed on the steps inside the pool. I didn't know how to swim. I though I'd just bend over and grab the ring. WRONG. I fell in. I almost drowned. I went almost to the bottom of the pool before my mom noticed. I just remember my eyes being wide open and everything being blue and not being able to open my mouth to breathe.  I never did get my ring back. 

I went to my first baseball game when I was 7. It was my cousins game at his school. Guess who got hit in the face, right in the lip with the baseball? Yup, you guess right, it was ME! 

Christmas of 2012, Christmas day. I drove out to see my best friend to exchange Christmas gifts with her and her family. On the way home, I hit a patch of black ice and lost control of my car. Hit a tree and totaled the entire car. Merry Christmas to me! 

Every boyfriend I have ever had, has either cheated on me or come very close to doing it, or flirted with other women. 

I had a good friend who I used like to dress up as twins with. Whenever we wore the same outfit, everyone would compliment her and totally ignore me like I wasn't even there. 

I had a favorite pair of sneakers. They had lights in the soles. They were the only shoes I found for adults that had lights in them. Had them forever. We had a shoe caddy hanging on the back of the closet door where we kept our trash can in the kitchen. I kept the shoes in that caddy. One day I woke up and went to get my shoes and only one was in the caddy. The garbage had been taken out to the dumpster and picked up. I guess my other shoe had been in it.

I've taken several trips via greyhound and have been screwed over so many times. I've had the bus show up at the station and it's already full, so I missed fathers day and my uncles funeral because of it. I've been stranded in boston and NYC for 9 hours because the bus made it there late and I missed my connecting bus, which they conveniently only had one of per day, to get to where I was going. 

Every friend I have had, has backstabbed me or hurt me in some way, shape or form.

I attract freaks, weirdos and bad people in general. 

I was tortured and bullied all through school,  from kindgergarten until I graduated high school.

I was tortured and bullied as an adult, by people in a yahoo chat room that resulted in these people coming to my house to harass me, leaving notes on my door and putting stuff in my mailbox. I ended up taking them to court to get a restraining order and the judge dismissed my case! I had all the evidence and print outs of the threats these people made to me, but it wasn't good eough for the judge. 

I've had a sick freak stalking and harassing me for 4 years now. He lives over a thousand miles away from me. He has taken a greyhound bus to the town I live in, to try and find me. I had to change my phone number because he was calling me over 80 times a day and I am not exagerating. He called that many times and sometimes more, and he called so much, I couldn't dial out or send a text message, because he was clogging up the airwaves on my cell phone. I get repeated friend requests and messages from him on facebook, from fake accounts. He has stolen my pictures and posted them on his page and put captions on them saying I"m his girflriend. I have contacted facebook and the police about it and they refuse to help me. Facebook says he's not violating any of their terms of service, despite the fact that he's been threatening me repeatedly on there. I was actually laughed at by the sherrif when I first complained about him. Laughed at!!! She told me I need to look for relationships in better places than on line! I wasn't looking for any type of relationship with this guy! We were just friends! I did nothing to lead him on or give him any inkling that i was interested in anything more than a friendship with him. I even had a boyfriend when I firt met him, and I have one now! But law enforcement and facebook continue to let this go on. 

The breaks recently went bad on my car. I had my neighbor fix them for free. I paid for the parts. I started driving and they started smoking. Now i have to have the calipers replaced, I think. But with my luck, there will be other things that need to be replaced and it will cost a fortune. 

I had a tumor growing in my left knee. I had it removed. I was told I'd be up and walking in 2 days. It took me 9 months to recover from that operation and to be able to walk again without the aid of cructches and limping. I also got so constipated from the pain meds that I had to call an ambulance and they came while I was on the toilet, screaming in pain! I had to be taken to the emergency room and given an enema. I was told I had a blockage that was the size of an orange. I have never been so humiliated in my entire life! 

I could go on and on about me, but let's talk about my family now. 

My mom has litterally had to 2 seperate cars she's owned, catch on fire.

My mom has had a wheel fall off her car, while driving it, twice! On two different cars!

My parents bought a new/used car from a very dependable dealer/mechanic recently. So far, the breaks have gone bad on them twice and the vinyl on the roof is peeling off now. 

My grandparents had to go to the hospital in an ambulance and the ambulance got a flat tire on the way to to the hospital.

My uncle had a bad accident in a rental car, while on the way to returning the car. He fell asleep at the wheel and hit a utility pole and totaled the car. He broke hi sleg and a few ribs.

The same uncle i mentioned above, fell off a ladder and broke his leg, while visiting his sister in NY. 

That same uncle ended up getting cancer and dying from it, a few years ago.

My poor father had a heart attack and had to have a double bypass. A month later, I deveoloped a tumor in my left knee and had to have it removed. Yeah my dad really needed all that stress added onto what he was already dealing with.

My parents just lost 2 cars recently cuz the whole bottom of the car rusted away and wouldn't pass inspection, just from being parked outside on their lawn, over the winter.

I could go on and on!! But I don't want to bore you. And the list just keeps on getting longer and longer. It's never going to get better for me or my family. Did I mention my grandmother and uncle died within 6 moths apart of each other, both from cancer? Yeah, that happened a few years ago. But anyway, cowboy, I know what your going through and just know that you are not alone. And we can only hope that one day someone will figure out what the heck is causing us all this misery and grief and a way to combat it. I honestly don't know how much longer I can go on living like this. I feel like the world is out to get me and I am doomed to live a life of misery and bad luck. I'm sick and tired of trying to fight it. It's a no win situation. Nobody seems to understand it. And I swear, if one more person says "look on the bright side" or "think positive and good things will happen!" I am going to punch them!!! None of that crap works!!! Believe me, I've tried it!! It doesn't do jack squat! We are cursed, that's all there is to it! I wish people would stop saying that we need stop feeling sorry for ourselves and that we are causing the bad luck, etc. That's got nothing to do with it! It's easy for them to say stupid stuff like that cuz bad stuff doesn't happen to them, like it happens to us! Some people have all the freaking luck and we get nothing. 

I just thought of something else! I had to have a root canal done last year. The stupid dentist screwed it up and I ended up having to have to tooth pulled! The tooth didn't want to come out. They had to call in an oral surgeon to help remove it. I had 3 dentists working on my mouth to get this one tooth out. By the time it was all over, I was covered in blood, which got all over my favorite jacket, which cost over a hundred bucks. The whole side of my face turned black and blue and I talked with a speech impediment for a month! Did I mention that they had to stitch my gums back together cuz there was a huge hole in my jaw and it went up into my sinuses! I was put on sinus restrictions for 2 weeks, which means you cant blow your nose or sneeze for that whole time! If I made one screw up and sneezed or blew my nose, I'd had to go back to the dentist and get stitched up all over again! And they also had to remove part of my jaw bone with the tooth! What a nightmare. I guess I did have some luck with that, cuz the blood stains came off my coat and I didn't sneeze or blow my nose. Yay, lucky me. :(  

And one more thing. Aside from my laptop crapping out today, I found a game I wanted on ebay. The seller lived right in the same town as me! What luck!! He even agreed to meet me today and let me pay him cash for it, so I could avoid the shipping charges. Well, what do you know? Just as I suspected, he called to cancel on me and reschdule. Now I have to wait till Tuesday night to get my game and meanwhile, the transaction on Ebay is still asking me to pay for it. The only way I could get the game was to agree to buy it through ebay, he said. So with my bad luck, this guy is either going to forget to meet me on Tuesday night, or he will just ignore me all together and not bring the game, and relist it for sale on ebay and I"ll end up with an unpaid item strike on my account. I know it's coming. I always get the short end of the stick and I'm ready for it. 



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Lonesome cowboy,



   First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I wish you prosperity for this new year. 2017 is going to be a beautiful and prosperous year for you. I think this is going to be the year that everyone OPENs their  THIRD EYE. Opening your third eye allows you to

explore your spiritual side of life. I know its an old post but I wanted to check to see how things were going and also give you my opinion on your troubles and the reasons why they occur.

The way that your natural bodys energy flows and moves and when and were there are blockages within your chakra soul system. the way that your body is naturally calibrated when your born is PURE. The near death experience that you endured is a tragedy, but also a BLESSING. THERE IS A REAL REASON WHY YOU STOOD BACK. Some people are meant for greatness but there are blockages that defeat your weak untrained way of knowing how to deal with it and complete your mission in life. I've been doing readings for people ever since I was a child. I am a 7'th generation spiritualist, In my experience it definitely seems like you experienced a tragedy that brought a lot of negative thoughts and ENERGY that sometimes does 

attach itself to your chakra system that is based of 7 different points ranging from the top of your head down to the crown of your body. when a negative energy attaches itself, it diminishes the maximum strength that would be naturally available and active, IF there where no blockages.

I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced these set backs in life. no one deserves to go through the effects of an unbalanced chakra soul system. you should find a spiritualist who specializes in chakra balancing, and also past life regression. any time your body goes into a near death experience there is a trace of a cross over lingering around you. that's why you aren't able to succeed. there are many things that you can do organically on your own to help with the process that are effective. I still say find the right spiritualist. there are spiritual methods that can be used to cleanse the

 " negative energy " that has been surrounding you throughout your lifetime. you will be doing spiritual rituals throughout your journey that will make you feel lighter and more able. not only that but you will have a sense of will to start life the right way and FINALLY Finish something.  



happy new year.


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Hello All,

I signed in just to reply to this forum. I was just googling Black Cloud syndrome and Bad Luck. This forum popped up. Im 55, and have had this Black Cloud for a good 30 years, This is what ive realized. Ill try not to drag it out!

My bad luck is extensive, to opening doors, shutting them, walking to the car, unlocking the door, sitting in the car, or just walking in the yard, plugging in an extension cord, putting on shoes...very simple things all turn out bad. Its to the point now, I do nothing..I do not climb ladders, or open cans of paint, I never attempt to fix anything, walking to the mailbox can be exhausting with what I must endure. This is what ive realized.

There is a demon force, they are many, some days one or two are upon you, other days many. Each demon has a trait, or power. This is why different things will happen each day, its not always the same demon over you. Some are like children with very mild traits, causing very simple mishaps. Yet others are well versed with strong powers to move things, have power over electricity or make things break for no reason. Demons will joust amongst themselves, enjoying the moment over your mishaps or anguish. This is why they are concentrated on you at different levels of the day, some days or hours I can feel they are not around. But the minute one shows up and causes me harm, then its like a Red light goes on and many come to enjoy the fiasco. At this point, I must just sit down (safely!) and do nothing. Then they leave. Their job is this: To cause mischief. To cause harm, they will hurt you, injure you, and when the ultimate goal of eliminating you happens, their job is done and they move on to someone else. To each level of anguish you experience, is the same level in which you allow them into your brain. I have only experienced it twice in my life to have it so extreme, so powerful, that If I could end it by walking in front of train, I would of. Their job would be done.

They have the power to change things, to change values, to move things. This never happens when someone else is around, for they can never be identified or realized by anybody. When I sense them above me I have my wife stand near me, but this pi**es them off and when she leaves, I pay for it. Its always much worse afterwards. Ive often said I would start writing stuff down, pictures or video taping myself. My only best answer I have found is to play with them. To enjoy the games they make, and give it back to them. Today I picked up a pile of boxes to bring outside, a simple task, somehow strong cardboard ripped and they fell all over. I replaced into one of the other boxes and made it to the door. Only one of my shoes now at the front door, wife thinks im nuts for bringing one shoe to the other side of the room. (no explanation for this) Place boxes down, they somehow got the power to fall out of the box again. Get my shoes on, grab boxes, go outside, guess what...yep...boxes go all over yet again. So now I just throw the others in the air and sit down. Wife comes out, What are you doing!? Looking at me like im nuts.

Now - let me explain. This is the goal, to make you look nuts. To make you feel nuts. To slowly drive you insane, they are just loving this. If I remotely explain all this to my wife, she will think im losing it. My kids laugh at me for making all this up. Ohhhh dad...that doesnt really happen...why did you do that? I get it all day long.

However I do get days when they are not around for days at a time. And believe me...I have a great day. I mention it all the time to my wife...Look at me..Im in the car, it started fine, the wipers work! Im ecstatic when things just go....normal.  She still looks at me like im nuts !! lol...ahhh well...!

Things to do to avoid demons. Keep people around you. They hate this. Talking out loud on what your doing exposes their games. If you dont plan or say out loud what your doing, its open field for them to change anything or everything. Because if you say something out loud it creates a time check or a moment in your life that can be remembered. You wont question yourself now. IE: If I need to plug an extension outside, I will say..Ok...I need to go to the garage to get an extension...Im walking outside now to plug it in..now I need to unravel it.  Otherwise...walking to the garage I twist my ankle on nice smooth grass, garage door is locked (its never locked...and its not locked..it just doesnt open) So I play and push the door, it opens...extensions are no longer hanging up, somehow at the back of the garage, I walk out, extension catches a broom, it falls down knocking a spray can, thus breaking the spray knob so I cant use the can now. I bend over pick up the broom, place it firmly and turn into the door as now it has opened by itself for no reason, and I quickly stop and step to avoid the door. Remember the twisted ankle? Now I know why that happened, as now its chickening me !! I get outside  looking at the ground to avoid whatever! I step carefully all the way to the plug...unravel the cord and cut my hand on an exposed bit of wire. How or why? I have no idea. Ive learned it makes no difference...I could buy new cords every day...it still happens. I plug it in, run it to the back, plug in a radio. Of course it doesnt work. Check the connections..all good..nothing works. Plug the radio directly into plug, doesnt work. Go to breaker panel, all looks good. Walk out with a drill, it works. Ok, radio is faulty. Plug it in inside the house, it works fine. At this point.... you MUST sit down. Forget your task...sit quietly...do nothing. I go through almost every day like that. It is daunting !! Believe me.!!

I could write a book, or make a movie on this...! I have taught myself to laugh and laugh..gotta keep believing its all just a big joke. Otherwise it does come to get you.

Not sure if any of this makes sense...maybe somebody may relate to my experiences.

Be safe everyone, Cheers.


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To lonesome cowboy, I really hope we could talk, until I saw your posting I thought I was the only one with this problem and yes "Bad Luck Syndrome " is the perfect name. I never knew how to express or write my feelings but you explained my whole life verbatim. I suffer from un-explained physical painful issues that can never find the cause and dissappear the same way they came, I've gone to doctors but the only explanation I get is that is stress related, I don't know when you have a pain in your toes like u have a broken bone but X-rays don't show anything . I also been trying to pinpoint when it all started. People including mom, tell me don't worry your luck will change, my response is I hope so, I have been waiting 57 years and I just turned 60. I have 2 cars but both have problems that no mechanic can figure out , 4 mechanics including the Honda dealer who needed an extra hour to tell me that I needed the motor re-build when the other mechanics including me know that's not the problem. 


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Yeah. I'm a walking, talking example of Murphy's Law. Sh!t gets dumped on me all the time. I don't dare expect anything good to happen because it will immediately be yanked just beyond my grasp. It has been that way for the 57 miserable years I've been forced to live on this d@mned planet.

On edit: I see I've already posted in this thread, saying pretty much the same thing. But...yeah. If it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.

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Dear lonesome cowboy,

My life exactly, except that I am a female. Everything same, even the back up plans. everything. Same. I hope you are okay. I have found a solution to this.YES. A SOLUTION. SIMPLY USE OTHER'S LUCK.i know this sounds mean n selfish but hear me out, Here's what I mean by use other's luck. . Whenever I had an exam I borrowed my sister's pen and I scored okay,.. this is a simple example.. n It takes a lot of trial n error, since you don't know If the other person is lucky enough or not. With time and observations you'd learn to easily identify and then start associating yourself more with such people. And with association duplication theory you start to do the same things as the Other person, who you found is extremely lucky. And this way your life will change. Though not forever, the lucky person would still leave you, n you've got to find another one soon. There will be a day finally where you will find the person who is made for your luck. And you would bring luck to that person. You'll start to see everything is going awesome! When this happens marry that person n stay happy forever. ? You're welcome. 


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It is also called as psychological reversal, where your subconscious mind is uncomfortable with happiness n positivity, it deliberately chooses the miserable way. I tried to solving this using hypnotherapy. Where you're teaching Your subconscious mind to allow, only positive things , happiness n good things enter your life. You will automatically screen out the bad ones and you would neverrrrr talk to another bad person again. I went to a friend to do my hypnotherapy where she secretly recorded me, but the therapy worked so I forgive her! But the next time I did a self hypnosis. And it still worked. I urge you to try this. Hope this helps everyone here. 

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Hello, I am new to the forum and have never posted to any board before.  I have searched online in the past for advice on bad luck and curses and couldn't find anything, until today.  I am grateful for all of you who bravely shared their stories because I have the same problem, and it has been that way as far back as I can recall.  The situations and circumstances I have experienced are so similar to those of others here that it is uncanny.  I am amazed that I still have the energy and will power to get out of bed each day, because although the day may be different, the underlying curse of bad luck is always present.   If I do happen to have a good day without the curse rearing its ugly head, it seems that I am double or triple hit the next day.  

I am on an antidepressant, but I am not depressed by nature, I am depressed from dealing with the stress of never-ending bad luck.  Many people have said to me, 'If it weren't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all'.  A friend believes my bad luck may be tied to an antique in my home, but the bad luck started in early life, so I doubt that is the basis for my situation.  I, too, wish that someone would do some research into this phenomenon; I think it would make for a fascinating Dateline or 20/20 segment.  I wish that positive thinking was the cure for this, but it doesn't seem to be for me.

Thank you all for the gift of awareness that there are others with this same bizarre phenomena.  A special thank you to Mike in Canada for the humorous stories of the boxes and extension cord -- I laughed so hard that I cried.  Those types of things happen to me almost daily.  I ended up at Urgent Care yesterday in yet another mishap.  

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Hi bad luck magnet,

Sorry to hear you've been so unlucky. I guess with a name like that you're embracing it lol

May good luck seek you out

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Hello all,

First time posting on this forum, didn't plan to but I have to say sth after reading all the similar story in this. So as you can guess, I have a few string of bad luck as well. Though I'm much younger and probaly haven't suffered as much as some of you, take it as you will, maybe just a lazy millenial blaming all his failure on bad luck.

But still, some of the situation is just so uncanny. Event which have specific string if requirements, no matter how likely, will find a way to happen and scew with my life. Just some of the most recent-and the reason I'm here happen with my job. When I have to go get some documents from our faraway headquarters, people there will point me to the wrong stack, so I have to return it and get the right one. Hey, they forgot to sign or put a stamp in this specific page. Guess who's fault is that? Not our estemed headquater of course. It's mine for not checking every nook and cranny of this 600 page doc, which I have never seen before nor know the specific requirement of my boss for this document, who simply told me to "go get that". Fine, a few trip back and forth to get it right. Yup, this is the las.... nope, it rains now, everything is ruined, do it all over again with the boss warning to fire me. It's always like this, due to my own error (fine by me), or due to others people's and/or my own body rebel against me (thank you stomach and cramp for coming up at thr most inconvient time) or god himself (rain, traffic accident...). Anything I do will fine a way to magically fail.

That's just some the most recent ones in so many to fit in one post. I won't take much more of your time, so let's warp up.

Over the years, I've given up on most things and just go with the flow, to not care about anything and just put on a damn smile "yup, my fault". I can't help any of you as I can't even find a way ti help myself, just wanted to post here so you know that others like you do exist, just as your stories helped me not to feel so lonely.


Ps: oh hey i got a problem and can't post comment, everything I shared would've been lost too, I copied it before hand of course. Can't trust anything I do to turn out right.

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I know it's kinda old, but it's such a relief to see this post. I brought tears to my eyes, but I held them back since I'm on my lunch break and don't want to go back to work with teary eyes.

My life is the exact same way, and only recently after the death of my unborn baby did I fully accept my life for what it is.

People that do t deal with this thing do t really understand it, and keep trying to make you "keep hope alive", but after years and years of things not working out, it's nearly impossible to retain any ounce of hope.

I realize that there indeed is a force working against me, to the point that I will live, but I won't enjoy my life. I've also realized a few other things:

1. The things I want the most and work the hardest for (I don't believe in handouts), I won't get it, and I'll end up strongly disinterested (or even hating!) the thing I once desired.

2. The things I want and actually get to have, I won't have it without some sort of struggle.

3. The things I work the hardest for, I get very close to succeeding, and then my efforts will fail miserably.

4. There seems to be a recurring theme of "waste my time"

My husband whom I love dearly didn't believe me. Once I gave him my concrete example, he just sat there dumbfounded.

After my baby died, I just gave up on trying to do anything. What's the point? No matter how hard I work, pray, and do good, the odds are always against me. My husband makes my life better, but I am miserable. I hate my life. And the worst part is, I don't know why this is happening to me.

It makes me sad. And when I get the urge to try a new life venture or do something new, I shut it down because I know I'll just be getting my hopes up. It never fails. 

Theres jo solution on this thread, but misery loves company, and it helps just the smallest amount to know you're not alone or crazy.

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Left out a point #4

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Dear Wondering30,

I am so very sorry for your loss. I wish I had the words to bring you comfort and peace.  I find it is helpful to know that we are not alone.  In that, I personally find a bit of strength.  But I also struggle to understand whatever causes so much difficulty and pain.  I feel like it is a curse or black cloud, and it is so far reaching that it borders on the ridiculous. Big things, small things, it doesn't matter. After so much of this, day after day, it's hard to stay positive and keep hoping for things to turn around.  But we must keep trying, otherwise the darkness wins -- and we are better and stronger than that.  I am thinking of starting a journal to log the weird stuff that happens and see if that brings any insight or perspective.  I also wonder if anyone else on this forum has either felt or been told that they must be 'psychic'?  Sometimes I can predict things and that is uncanny as well.  Wondering if maybe there is some correlation?   I hope the bad is behind you and a fresh new beginning starts now.  

PS:  As you can imagine, bizarre things are happening to my post as I am trying to finish it.  Geez.

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