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Slipping Away. . . .need Help!


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I don't know where to start. . . I made a post some days ago regarding wasting most of my life, and this thread is related to that . . I have been trying to look on the bright side and move ahead with life, but all seems to be failing. One positive however is I don't shed tears that often any longer. However, I feel like I am loosing the battle here, I have lost interest in EVERYTHING I used to love. I almost never smile and even though I don't frown, I just keep a straight face regardless of how I feel at the time. Truth is, I don't understand my psyche anymore. I am sad,full of INTENSE self hate and anger, regret, a strong sense of hopelessness and a no will to overcome this. I am at a stage right now where I have deep sad introspective thoughts with the belief that I'd never find a sense of inner happiness, joy or peace regardless of how things turn out in the future. I feel like a jigsaw puzzle with a lost piece. . . That's the image I conjure in my mind when I think of myself. I feel like its getting worse by the day. I am worried!

Yes, that thought has crossed my mind. . .But I am either too much of a wimp to do it or still too attached to my religious convictions.

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I have also depression and have feelings like you have,

not exactly but sort of,

but 1st lesson which I learned from here is = learn to love yourself,

thats what I am trying nowadays ... its helping me alot,

i feel that this stage comes in everyones life and some people get out of it by help of God or some help,

and some keep thinking for the solution but solution is in front of you,

just involve yourself in more n more activities ... make yourself busy,

exercise & something which keeps your mind busy ... this will help you alot ... big time,

you will learn things and also you will interact with people,

so two lessons for you ... learn to love yourself ... and secondly make some hobbies activities ... to get busy,

by that you will meet people and also you will learn things,

if you have some group then join that group ... you have to be busy n love yourself.

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Hi confusedsoul,

I don't know what your life is like but I have felt what you have described. Like today, my mind is just blank. I just can't think of happy things anymore and I just want to cry. After suffering from depression all my life, I have come to accept that it is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Have you thought about going to see a counselor? Anti-depressants could be an option.

I agree with @sincere, in especially I've found physical exercise and keeping busy to be good strategies.

Sometimes I just need something to happen in my life to get me out of a depressive state.

Things like: a long holiday away from my usual surroundings, changing jobs, finding a new boyfriend, finding a new hobby, moving countries, have all nudged me out of depression in the past.

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