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Hello... I Am So Alone.

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Okay. I have had depression since I was a little kid. My parents got divorced when I was about 3 or 4. I basically grew up without a father. I moved houses twice after that and I had no friends at any school I went to. When I was a kid I was very lonely and had no one to talk to. I moved elementary schools three times and on the last school I was bullied by one of the teachers. When I was alone with her she would tell how I will fail at life. I got into middle school and 7th grade went okay but in 8th I met a girl and I had a simple crush on her at first, but once I got to know her and found out how amazing she was I knew I loved her. I missed so many opportunities with her because I was too stupid to realize what could have been. She wanted me to walk to her house with her but for some reason I was such an ***** and turned her down because I had to leave. I am pretty sure she liked me as well and I would have asked her out but I was afraid to get hurt. The school year was over and they moved 9th grade into high school. We ended up going to different high schools. I never got any way to contact her. I ended up losing my dream woman. She was so amazing and I would give anything to see her again. Now I am in High school and I have no friends and no one even trys to talk to me. Those last two reason are the main reason why I am so depressed right now. Without her I cannot be...

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For a 17 year old that's a pretty hard thing to go through, to find love already and then to loose her. What about facebook?

Yours not stupid!! Your just a kid who missed a few signs that a girl gave you. Trust me, even as you grow up you will look back on things you are missing out on now.

Do you get to see your father? I'm sure your parents made the right choice in choosing to end the marriage over staying together and being unhappy, that may have caused you more issues. It's like the lesser of two evils sometimes, I don't know there exact situation but I'm sure they both tried hard to make it work before leaving each other.

So apart from school what do you do? Sport, hobbies? How do you reach out and talk to people. I'm sure your not the only person feeling like this so maybe you will find others around school that are similar??

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I loved her so much and now she is gone. I do nothing out of school since I have no friends or anything.

So, hypothetically speaking if you had friends what would you like to do outside of school? What kinds of things do you or would you like to do?

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