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I've Had Depression Since I Was A Wee Child.

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Hi Avenge the suffering and welcome to DF! I am sorry to hear you've been bullied so much and that you find your situation hopeless. I've been bullied in the past too and I still try to deal with some of the damage it caused to me, but I'm healing all the time.

You might want to check out our Bullying forum and post your story there, if you feel comfortable. Of course, you're welcome to post in any forum/topic that you find interesting or close to your heart. If you have any questions concerning this site, please feel free to PM any site staff member. We'll be happy to help you if needed. Take care of yourself and hope to see you around more!

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Well, the worst part about my life is that I don't seem to have any friends to rely on. And I can't seem to make any either, because people don't like depressed, not confident, awkward people.

We obviously don't know a ton about you right now - age, situation, job, who's bullying you and in what form.

What are you comfortable doing - do you have a hobby or strong interest? Perhaps joining a club in an area of strong interest for you, or doing some volunteer work?

I'm sorry, but I agree. Folks don't like to be around depressed, awkward people. But we can develop. Take your area of expertise and turn it into a positive for you.

Not to give you a rah rah story, but I know exactly how you feel. But over the years at work I became the company expert in a couple of areas. As I found people listening to me and understanding that they depended on me for information and guidance I became more confident in leading meetings, one-on-one dialogs, and imparting that guidance to others. I'm still pretty quiet in areas where others have the information/chops, but am more willing to voice questions and participate in discussions.

Don't know who's bullying you, but they're jerks. We ALL have SOMETHING to offer others.

Best wishes - stick with us!

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