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My Attitude Will Never Change


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I am a hedonist and view my pleasure as the only greatest thing in my life and about me as a person and is the only thing that will ever make my life worth living. For this very reason, I will never accept this depression and anhedonia (emotional numbness) that I am having. Many people who have depression and emotional numbness are able to find things in life of greater value which is what enables these people to accept and move on in life. But not me. My emotional numbness is severe and chronic and there are never any brief moments (even a few seconds) of pleasure. So there is nothing else in my life to make my life worth living and there is no amount of pleasure for me to focus on and cherish to make my life worth living either.

Now we all find our own personal things in life that have the true great meaning for us. I have found mine in life which is my pleasure while many others have found other things of greater value. For these people to try to change my attitude and make me see things in life of greater value than my pleasure would be wrong and it would also be wrong for me to try and make these people see that pleasure is truly the greatest thing in life.

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