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Anxiety And Panics Took Over My Life How Do I Move On?

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All my life i have suffered with very bad anxiety and ptsd due to my past :(

ive been abused beaten cheated on and even had to give birth to my dead baby at 16 weeks due o my ex beating me.

i feel like im in a nightmare i cant trust anyone not even doctors i know they want to help me but giving me tablets scare the hell out of me .

i was put on propranolol and they worked wonders stopped me stressing panicking about everything i felt i could be a normal person again till i started getting side effects, i don't sleep i have really bad insomnia so they prescribed me some sleeping tablets but i dont want to take them incase i dont wake up it scares me so much how my brain works.. i feel if i talk to someone they will think im crazy.

So because the propranolol no longer work i have been put on sertraline and im getting really weird side effects off these but the doctor has asked me to stick by them as theyl work im just scared how im feeling at the minute and always wonder if il ever get past all this :(

louise x

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Hi Louise,

I'm really sorry that your going through all this stress right now.

I would really advise to see a therapist. And no, they won't think you're crazy! Sometimes our brains can play weird tricks on us, but the right medication and professional help can do wonders.

Or sometimes group therapy for anxiety could be very good. You see that your not the only one in your situation and they give you tips on how to manage your anxiety.

The first step to seek help is the hardest. After it's a lot easier!


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Good luck with therapy, Louise. A very courageous step!

If I can offer advice that I wish I'd received when entering therapy:

Be as open as you can. It doesn't matter how strange you think your thoughts or feelings are, your therapist has likely heard it all before - a good therapist will never criticize or judge you.

If you don't let others in, they can't support you.

Best wishes

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