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Ignorance Towards Both Mental And Physical Pain


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am suffering extremely from physical pain due to a spinal nerve injury that has been left neglected by doctors since last september,am not just suffering from biological severe depression its also reactive as well because of the untreated pain.

because of being severely classic autistic and mildly ID am unable to 'show' or communicate physical pain or mental pain,so support staff and doctors both think am having a joke when they ask how severe the pain or depression is and have pointed to the symbol for severe,they think am looking for painkillers when feeling light headed on drugs is the last thing that want,just want to be pain and suffering free. :(

am really REALLY REALLY fed up of people asking if am sure its 'that bad' because it doesnt look like it to them,doctors are especialy the worst for this in own experience as they have not got a clue how disabilities can affect the output of ones pain or mental distress.

what does pain look like? what does depression look like? who gives anyone the right to say physical and mental pain has to look one way or another when everyone presents it in a different way?

all am able to work out is that when neurologicaly typical humans are in pain,they yell 'owww' or make groaning noises etc to signal to each other that theyre in pain, am not able to do that,its akin to expecting foreign people to speak english without knowledge of it so am suffering greatly in both physical pain and mental distress; but silently and every day am seeing the big 's' as a better alternative because am unable to cope in this unforgiving ignorant world of pain and depression.

does anyone else have experiences with having their physical pain and/or mental distress ignored,especialy when it comes to medical profesionals?

how exactly have dealt with it?

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Hi Roostinghens

I'm so sorry to hear you are still suffering! I wonder if you would be able to show your doctor or the nurses or SOMEONE, the posts you make here. It might help them to understand how much physical and emotional pain you are in. You are able to express yourself very well on this forum. It might be worth a try?

I understand what you mean about being ignored by doctors when you don't show the typical signs of distress. I have been described as "stoic", not showing, talking about how much pain I'm in. That hurt me initally because my psychiatrist didn't realize how bad things really were. I still struggle with that and try to be open with him but it doesn't always work. I have resorted to writing him letters that I take with me if I feel I can't express what I need to. Perhaps that will work for you?

I hope that you soon get the relief that you need. Thinking of you


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I'm not autistic, but I can definitely relate to not being believed or taken seriously when you say you are suffering. It's especially obnoxious when it comes from a doctor.

I think maybe you should write down what it feels like and show it to them like Callie says. You seem to express yourself pretty well here. They should know better if they are doctors that you don't show signs of pain the same way that most people do, and you should make sure that is perfectly clear for them by writing it down.

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Callie and LegoLady are absolutely correct. Write down exactly what you wrote here and present it to your doctor. It's terrible to be left suffering with pain and depression. I was in so much pain from 3 spinal surgeries that three years ago after many months of terrible pain and lack of sleep, I slipped into a deep depression. Finally after a few months they helped me with pain management medication and added a new antidepressant.

I hope they manage your pain and depression.

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I too have not been believed in times of severe emotional and mental pain. I think part of the reason is I don't like to be perceived as weak. In everyday life, I often have to cover up any pain I'm experiencing, so I do the same thing in front of doctors. It's just a habit that betrays me at certain times. In the past few years I've been appalled at the behaviour of some nurses and doctors. There should be some screening process that weeds out those awful people before they're allowed to enter the profession.

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