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Self Validation


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With having depression and PSTD, I feel like having self validation would be a big help. I have read about what self validation is over recently and am I am finding out that I need that. I think it makes more sense to me now though given my situation. I think a lot of other people can relate here.

I never trust my own feelings which are silly, because they are mine and I know myself better than anyone. I always second guess every thought and feeling and emotion constantly. I can spend MONTHS just trapped in my head about if what I'm feeling is valid. I become obsessed with trying to find out if I'm crazy or not.

I usually take other people's opinions of me more than I do myself. I sets me up for seeking that outside validation. I always think if someone says something to me, they must be right.

I am pretty sure that stemmed throughout my childhood because I had people all my life tell me how to run my life and pick on me and make a lot of incorrect judgments of me. Statements starting with You should, You need to, why don't you really get to me and trigger me because I am in a way with myself whether I should listen to that person or myself.

Even if my gut says I should listen to myself I can't because I take people's opinions near face value. I wish I was more secure with the way I feel because it robs me my life most days.

It might sound pathetic but most days I just sit in one spot just trying to validate myself and leaves me in this "paralyzed" position.

What do you guys think of this? Do you guys have trouble with validating yourself? If you can, does it come natural? I'm curious.

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It is probably one of my very worse areas. Terribly hard. What makes it even worse is that it becomes much worse when I go anywhere near therapy, my inner world and trauma. If I'm speaking about politics or something similar then I am pretty opinionated and I am sure of myself. I relate to you saying certain things open up old cans of worms.

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Self validation is very important for you Icarus,

What you feel and think is the most important, not what others do. In our many conversations in the past, I want to remind you that you have the strength to trust yourself, you'll find a way to just do it. If you are not able to come to a solution, you will finally get to the point where you will say enough is enough and make everything you want out of your life more important. I know you will post sometime in the future about finally doing this and the joy and relief that you will feel from making Icarus the priority in all things.

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