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Abilify/aripiprazole And Wellbutrin/buproprion, Eye Twitch

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Noticed a few days ago that I am having a mild eye twitch to my lower left eyelid (not visible from a distance of a few feet). I'm currently taking 2mg of aripiprazole and 100 mg of buproprion daily.

A few years ago when I was on 300 mg/day of buproprion alone, I had the eyelid twitch. It stopped when I lowered the dose of buproprion, started when I increased it again, and so on - so I know it was the buproprion.

I know there's a major interaction between buproprion and aripiprazole but didn't think it was too big a problem since I only take 100 mg of bupropion in the AM now. However, I discontinued the buproprion today to see what will happen. I was only taking it for a "boost" in the morning, but I doubt I actually need it since I find the aripiprazole quite energizing. We'll see....

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