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A Friend Of Mine Is Obsessed With A Girl And His Life Can Be On Trouble. Help

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So we are in a group of friends that play the same online game. We are all from different countries. This friend of ours met a girl, who is also from a different country. They been e-dating for a while.

However, we dont know if the girl is actually a real girl. But our friend, who has had a very very tough life, became absolutely obsessed for her. He barely talks to someone else, he is doing things that he hated before just to tease her, and he claims that when she is not around he is wasting his time.

Everytime they plan to talk on skype with eachother she makes a excuse. They plan to meet eachother in the next month in the girl's country, and Im afraid that if he finds out the girl is fake, it will be too much for him. This is deadly serious.

What can we (we are a group of friends of him) do to help him overcome his obsession and possibly save him from this enourmous risk? Please, we are quite desperate. Thank you

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Show him a few documentaries about fake profiles online first.

Insist that he at least hear her voice or get video proof that she's legit.

You can try your hardest to convince him but if he's THAT obsessed with the girl it might be just that he must meet her or he'll be in mind chaos.. If the girl's fake screw her for messing with someone like that. Just make sure to emotionally support your friend if its a big let down. You don't want him doing anything stupid over some girl. Take care.

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Yeah... the "girl" seems to absolutely dominating him. well, he's a very smart guy who obviously knows about fake profiles but his life has been very rough and he thinks she is the best thing in it right now. We'll try to get any proof, talk to him and be supportive as much as we can. Much thanks for the reply!

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