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Little (Or Big) Things To Cheer Me Up

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Hi all--

I've been staying afloat really well lately, but i crashed a couple days ago when I had a bad response to a new sleep med. I am feeling better than I was, and I accomplished the first hard task (getting out of the house), but I'm having trouble thinking of things to do that will be both uplifting and meaningful.

Lots of people swear by cleaning, cooking, and vigorous exercise, but none of those usually help me (though I generally get a lot of walking in).

I am a creative type, a writer and painter and photographer, and I realize that doing some of that stuff may help shift things. It's a bit overwhelming too because I have so many projects going right now. If I could think of a way to set a finite goal for some of this stuff, then I think that would be helpful and I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed.

I would appreciate any ideas anyone has, creative or otherwise. Thank you.

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Ive never heard anyone swear by cooking and cleaning, but vigorous exercise is something I think a great majority of Americans don't actually get. I would wager to say that they don't get anywhere near the recommended amount of exercise. So you would think on an application that has such a great attrition rate for people to follow, but such great results for the people that apply themselves. That there would have to be a great return from the effort put in, especially if you think of depression as a energy divider.

You know most people think going to the gym 3 days a week for an hour will sap your energy, and it will. It will make things harder for you to do till it becomes a routine. Then your energy levels will jump, which seems counterintuitive and it is, but its true.

Not that I am really trying to sell you on it, I just think it is something that people say they do much more often than do.

I would suggest putting off projects and doing it like you would in triage. The project that is best apt for success, work on that. Everything else, put it in a junk pile or a save for later pile. Sounds like you need to figure out what that is, rather than starting anything new.

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Well you should give yourself credit for being so pro-active in taking care of yourself. You're working really hard on finding little goals and keeping yourself afloat all this time given what is going on emotionally.

Many people get lost in their tasks and don't consciously think as much about what they are doing to treat their mood, but you've been doing that work, which is good.

Since you are already someone looking for goals and looking for things that help, making a list of things that make you feel better and things that make you feel worse, a physical on-paper list, can be helpful. Watch the list fill up as you have a physical detail of things that make you feel even a tiny bit better and things that make you feel even a tiny bit worse. Don't judge activities you try until after you've completed them and take a moment to look back on the experience. Trying to judge "is this working?" in the middle of an activity has it's own emotional component and will disturb the measurement, so to speak. Litterally going out and smelling flowers, going home, then sitting down and writing down if that had any emotional impact at all, positive or negative, would be an example of something you could do. Taking a shower, journaling, listening to a particular genre of music... all good to try. Keep at it!

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