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I was walking home from work today and saw several cops on bicycles surrounding a jeep/suv that was parked on the sidewalk. It looked like a couple had decided to park there for a short period of time - they were at the vehicle as well.

I'm not exactly sure what happened but it looked like a bystander, or perhaps one of the owners of the townhouses by the sidewalk, might have complained.

The cops were clearly on the side of the vehicle owners, and one cop yelled out 'go be crazy somewhere else' down the street - again possibly to someone who had made a complaint.

Man, I was filled with something, anger, disgust, I don't know. For an officer of the law to use such a derogatory term as 'crazy' is uncomfortable. I was disappointed, too, I suppose - that someone who is supposed to be a pillar of integrity while on the job not only is that ignorant, but his fellow officers are in on it too because no one said anything to him.

Makes me wish I had said something. I'm really just disappointed that this kind of ignorance can be so prevalent to the point where a cop will use that word as an insult publicly, with no fear of repercussion. Imagine him using the 'n-word' or 'f-word' like that? He'd be fired. Yet 'crazy' is no problem - and this was in an area known to have a number of people with mental illness living there. It's like walking into South Central L.A. and using a derogatory word for black people.

I often hear the word and try to give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes because, really, it isn't possible to speak up every single time.

But most people aren't in positions of power like that over others and therefore the emotional reaction I have isn't as strong. I have a growing disrespect for police officers these days - I live in Toronto and it looks like they screwed up the Rob Ford investigation big time - clearly Ford has done numerous things with which he could be charged but nothing has happened.

This doesn't help. Cops aren't special people just because they are cops. I'm tired of hearing how great they are. Yes, they have a dangerous job. Yes, we need police. Yes, there are good people on the force. Bleagh bleagh bleagh ....

I should have said something. Then I could have gotten it out of my system.

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I don't know how different it is in Canada, but it sounds like it might be pretty different. Although if you are growing disillusioned with the police there, maybe it's not that different?

The thing is, I live in an area where the police force is extremely notorious for a lot of reasons, and none of them are positive. I do agree that it's unfortunate that anyone in a position of authority would call someone "crazy", but cops - and yes, I am generalizing - are not known for being the most sensitive or progressive people. Almost every cop I have met personally subscribes to an extremely conservative ideology and despises the notion of "political correctness" as they see it. And yes, at least around here, cops will and do sometimes use other slurs without facing repercussions. There are cases where someone complains and their complaint gets publicity, so the officer/s involved will be suspended or whatever. But that doesn't always happen.

My advice to you (again, coming from a possibly different perspective) is that if you see something like that happen again, don't try to confront the officer about it. Even if you are polite as can be, it's not the safest thing to do, and at the very least the cop will just tell you to beat it. But getting in touch with the police department and filing a complaint might be more effective, and might even make you feel better.

ETA: I attempted to be inoffensive in my post, but as an added disclaimer I will point out that someone very close to me who I love dearly is a cop, has been one for a long time, and is a good cop at that. I am not demonizing every cop, but I do believe that the institution is extremely corrupt and broken.

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