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Depression And Anger - Causing Lots Of Tension In The House

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Hey everyone,

I was diagnosed with clinical depression around two years ago, but right now I'm at an all time low. What I've also noticed, is that when I do get into these depressive periods (it's almost like they come in episodes every few weeks or months, and each episode has gotten worse) I notice my fuse gets dramatically shorter and shorter. I lash out to my mom and get uncontrollably angry, throwing things, pushing things, slamming doors, etc. But then over the course of a few minutes, I feel extremely guilty, and I know my mom doesn't deserve that.. I'm 18 and our family has been through hell and back the past few years and she's the strongest and most caring person I know, she deserves so much better than I give her. She has depression herself, and I know I'm only making it worse.. I want to be there for her during her hard times, not make them worse.

How can I support her during her depression when I have depression and quick mood swings myself? What can I change? I've just started getting help, but I was told it'll be a few weeks before the medication and therapy starts to work.

I just feel so bad, our house is a disaster, financially we aren't doing so well, and she's been trying so hard to move forward from my dad's death and I'm only bringing her down. I don't want to ruin her, or our relationship.

Thought it'd be worse mentioning too, my psychiatrist said that I don't necessarily have an anger problem, but my anger is directly related to my depression, so that's why he doesn't want to send me to anger management, he doesn't feel it's necessary.

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Hi ebs,

I'm glad you're getting help from your doctor to get your depression under control, and he's right, anger can be a symptom of depression so once you level out on your medication, you should be fine. Is your mom seeking help from the doctor as well? If not, I hope she does. Leaving depression untreated is really terrible. Try and get through your side effects during your start up phase with your medication so you can give more support to her. It's very helpful to have someone around for support that is a fellow sufferer. Stick with your medication, it can become uncomfortable in the beginning, it is for most of us, but when you have your depression under control, you're thank yourself. Good luck.

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Hello, I am here becauSe my best friend is depressed. She has had horrible mood swings and irritibility towards me and had even blamed me for being angry. Please know that your mother is trying to understand. I know it took me a long to understand why my best friend was lashing out..... And by the time I did she blocked me from her cell phone. I continue to reach out once in a while by cards.....

Anger is defintly a symptom. Or so it seems to me. You are doing the best you can and I am so proud of you for getting help! You are brave and I can tell you care for your mother so much! Hang in there!

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