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What Are You Thankful For Today? Even If It's Something Little...


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My garden. Especially the garlic we planted this year, never planted that before and it's fun watching the way it grows. Can't wait to taste it. Nice to have all kinds of fresh herbs, too.

God@mn hippies he he - Only joking Tiff! Any chance of a few spuds ;-P

Thankful for my own garden too and the way I can sit down and watch the sun set with the swallows flying overhead and blackbirds singing. A reminder that it's the simple things.

Haha...don't know if I could grow spuds, never tried it :)

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Thankful for my new Job, just keeps getting better.

Thankful I'm done at my old job

Thankful it stopped raining so I could go for a jog with my pup

Thankful for my friend trying to help me with stuff

Thankful I'm going camping this weekend

Thankful I'm going to have one of my student loans paid off entirely very soon

Thankful for my dog

Thankful for my apartment

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Thankful that I am enjoying life again. Thankful for Lexapro helping me.

Tiff - yeah meds do help, but essentially while there was a storm of an epic scale, there was one ember of inspiration still alight inside. That's your soul, its you! Long may it glow.

Thankful for a small step taken today that might lead to a possible start in a dream career. If not, will enjoy it anyways :-)

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