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Wellbutrin/lamictal Combo Working Like A Charm!


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The only thing I have been officially diagnosed with is depression/anxiety. But my psychologist recently pointed to cyclothymia. I have been suffering with bouts of depression that didn't last long but was getting more severe. I would have good days, even though these was few and far in between depression and periods of high irritability/agitation. In the past 9 months these things just intensified to the point I began to think I was going out of my mind, me and my wife couldn't keep up with this rollercoaster. I even begin to have suicidal thoughts again, something I haven't had for 16 years. I had a few times where I would actually feel high. But most of the time I kept cycling from feeling very close with my wife and kids to very distant. I felt like I couldn't plan anything due to I had no idea how I would feel from day to day. I could even switch very fast from some what happy to depressed and distant in the matter of seconds. The big thing was I these funks I would get highly irrational and illogical thinking and would act out with my wife. The thing was I would realize this but I couldn't stop from feeling what I was. My pdoc first put me on Wellbutrin and Buspar and it helped a lot with the depression but I seemed to cycle with the irrational thing with irritability to kind of normal (so I thought) and very loving. Once my doc increased my Wellbutrin to 300 mg the irritability increased a lot to the point my wife would tell me multiple times a week I was out of control. Then she added the Lamictal and once I made it to the 50 mg I was beginning to have more and more good days. But now at 100 mg it feels like all of the clouds has lifted and I have had nothing but good days. For once I can stand back at a situation and look at it logically and stay rational.

So do you believe this could really of been cyclothymia? I do have a sister with bipolar, and this worried me greatly due to I know what all she went through. I knew I didn't have that because I didn't have true mania, but I was very worried about it turning into it.

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