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New To Pristiq: Not Really Optimistic About It!

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So I took Faverin (fluvoxamine) for 10 weeks (4 of them at the max dosage) with zero positive feedback, my intrusive thoughts are still cycling over and over, my mood is swinging as well, etc... just a little background, I took all kinds of meds (2 SSRIs, 1 atypical antipsychotic, 1 anti-convulsant, etc...) in the past (2010) when I was diagnosed with OCD and depression with absolutely no benefit at all. And now add Faverin!

2011, 2012 and early-to-mid 2013 seemed calmer. Comes late 2013 and my OCD returned with vengeance, a new pdoc has diagnosed me again with OCD and he prescribed, as indicated above, Faverin.

the thing is, I really (really) believe that my correct diagnosis (beside Pure OCD) is borderline personality disorder as I fit the profile of the high-functioning one pretty well (although I do admit that I have issues), my affective instability is due to external factors, my depression as well, I split, I have chronic feelings of emtpiness, etc... This may also explain why I never respond to any medications. My pdoc refuses any mentioning of BPD!!! He thinks that I should be cutting myself and screaming with rage in order to fit the criteria which I don't agree about it at all.

Yesterday, he decided to put me on my first SNRI and that is Pristiq. I am not really expecting any positive result, I don't know, I may be wrong. Also, 30 pills means 4 weeks means not enough to judge it and enter the cycle of doubt!

Any experience with Pristiq for ethical-rigid-fueled intrusive OCD thoughts?

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