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How Long Until Lexapro Kicks In And At What Dosage?

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Great call by henley there. It is almost scary at times to think of that i.e. when it does settle, you think how did you feel like you feel now.

You know we are here for you and maybe if you used the forum to log on at a specific time every day and tell us how you feel right there and then. It might be a distinct way of tracking progress, and if you use this as a means of journalising.


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I'm new to the Depression Forum and was seeking a specific forum topic to respond to. I've struggled with mild depression and anxiety my entire life, but, I didn't need to start medicine therapy until my senior year of high school. I made a move to a neighboring city one year ago after graduating college in 2012, moving home to work and look for full-time jobs for another year until this opportunity presented itself.

After a year of job hunting, I was willing to take any position that required a degree, was full-time and allowed me to move away from home and get started with my life. Within weeks of my move, I fell into a deep and chronic depression which I am still dealing with to-date.

Over the summer I found a great therapist whom I trusted with medicinal and clinical decisions. I was doing well for a few months and felt stable, happier and more connected on all levels. In the fall, I fell ill with mild issues and was given antibiotics off and on through January. After seeing a specialist for certain symptoms that I felt were unresolved/worse, I realized that my depression and anxiety gradually kicked back in during the holidays.

I started seeing my therapist again in January and we have been mixing cocktails to find the right combo. Two weeks ago, I was weened off Lamictal and started Lexapro at the same time all within a week and a half. I've been solely on the Lexapro for about a week and am increasing by half doses for the next two weeks to get me up to 20mg/daily.

I'm sleeping harder than ever, still feel anxiety even with my Klonopin, but, also feel emotionally "neutral." The tough part about my mental illness is the lines it borders/crosses with other issues in my personal and professional life. I'm unhappy about my job, which is the primary reason I still feel depressed despite no other real stresses in my life. Working 40 hours/week at a job you don't feel challenged or immersed in, is the worst possible situation for my depression. Every day I work on cognizance as the job is not bad, just boring, as well as gratefulness.

Do any of you have a tough time differentiating what issues are circumstantial versus clinical/mental or medicinal? That's been the toughest part for me as I've dealt with chronic health issues, as mentioned, in-tandem with everything else going on.

I'm hoping that the Lexapro will be the right fit for now and that I will adjust quickly so I can either feel a benefit, or, change again. I'm grateful for forums like these and for people to share their experiences, it's brave!

Please send me some thoughts or good vibes. I'm doing the best I can every day, but, I don't give myself enough credit usually.


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