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Registration Terms

You agree, by registering at and using this forum, to abide by the following Terms of Service. Violations of these terms may result in an account receiving an official warning, or the account being suspended or permanently banned.

Please remember that these terms are here to create a supportive peer-to-peer environment for everyone. If you're unsure about anything then please ask us. Your protection, privacy and saftey are our primaty conern. There are contact details below if you have any questions.



Member-Names (User-Names)

Professional Qualifications


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Suicidal Ideation

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If You Encounter a Problem

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The Administration reserves the right to ban accounts and delete content at its discretion if the Terms of Service are violated by a user

Once content has been posted which contributes to the forum and has received replies from other members the Administration reserves the right not to delete an account. (See Privacy)

Member-Names (User-Names):

You agree to create and use only one active Member-Name.

Creating a second Member-Name to avoid penalties such as a warning, suspension or ban will result in all accounts held by a User being banned.

Member-Names must not contain inappropriate, profane or triggering language (See Triggering). This includes references to addictive or illegal substances including, but not limited to alcoholic drinks and recreational drugs.

Your member-name is your responsibility, so please choose it carefully. A Member-Name might be edited at the discretion of the Administration if you feel that it compromises your privacy.

Member-names must be original and not impersonate real or fictitious entities.

Professional Qualifications:

The Site is a forum for peer-to-peer exchange where each Member should feel and be treated as an equal.

Members are not permitted to include in their Member-Name or signature any professional qualification, real or otherwise (e.g.