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  1. The best way I could describe it was like feeling an open palm pushing my head backwards (from between my eyes) while trying to concentrate on an object in-front of me.
  2. New Retro Wave - End of 2017 Mix (The future beckons)
  3. So tired that I couldn't even sleep So many secrets I couldn't keep Promised myself I wouldn't weep One more promise I couldn't keep It seems no one can help me now I'm in too deep There's no way out This time I have really led myself astray Runaway train never going back Wrong way on a one way track Seems like I should be getting somewhere Somehow I'm neither here nor there Can you help me remember how to smile Make it somehow all seem worthwhile How on earth did I get so jaded Life's mystery seems so faded I can go where no one else can go I know what no one else knows Here I am just drownin' in the rain With a ticket for a runaway train Everything is cut and dry Day and night, earth and sky Somehow I just don't believe it Runaway train never going back Wrong way on a one way track Seems like I should be getting somewhere Somehow I'm neither here nor there ........
  4. Has anybody from the music video of "Soul Asylum - Runaway Train" been found?..
  5. I wasn't sure if I was still dreaming or if I was awake this morning... Common sense prevailed and as it turns out I was awake, the medication really messes with my head some days
  6. I was having some weird dreams the other night... At least I hope they were dreams.
  7. the night owl is back in action :flowers: 

    1. Natasha1



  8. Cleaned the inside of my vacuum with a can of compressed air today. It went poof in a huge dust explosion! Good thing I was outside.
  9. RIP Avicii :icon12::icon12::icon12:  Was listening to one of your songs last night I can't believe you're gone! :sniffle1:

    1. hocico


      Yes he was very young which makes it all the more unexpected :sniffle1: 

  10. im back.

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    2. HeatherG


      Oh my gosh welcome back!  Big major hugs!!  :hugs:

    3. hocico


      Ello piggybacking well wisher :laugh: :hugs:for you as well 

    4. Inbetween


      Glad to see you're back waffles, I was worried about you...

  11. you have become more than you would ever know. stay strong, stronger than i.

    1. June322


      I really hope youre doing well!:icon12:

  12. tonight is one of the few occasions i am out at the local club and not drinking at home alone. still here i sit watching everybody else have fun. i wish i had friends. the only people who approach me here are trying to get lucky with cheesy pickup lines or offers for more drinks to get me drunker so the former can happen...i just want to be happy and have fun like litterally everybody else around me right now
  13. im a mess, its no wonder im no longer a moderator.

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    2. Natasha1
    3. lonelyforeigner


      :console: Hope you feel better soon, you helped a lot of people on here. 

    4. samadhiSheol


      All the best, W. Sorry you feel so bad.

  14. like the whole world is caving in around me
  15. im feeling sad right now. i found a young kangaroo on the side of the road about an hour ago, it was injured and couldnt get up. i called the local ranger but the police ended up attending instead. they put him down right there on the side of the road because his injuries were too severe. they didnt even give him a chance
  16. Currently in a brief lapse of reality where I'm feeling not so terrible.
  17. Going through a rough patch, please bear with me.

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