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  1. Hi there gals! I was just thinking about you all and wanted to check in to see how things where going... As for myself, I've been in my own little rut lately. I think i've been on the rut side of my depression now... My anxiety seems to be holding well but my moods been fairly low recently. I did up my medication a few weeks ago to see if there would be a good change, but I think it's been zapping me more lately so I'm thinking I'm going to reduce it back to where it was. Chasinghappiness, how are you doing? How is your anxiety and did you end up getting back on a benzo for the time being? I hope you all are doing very well and I wish you the best! Ryan
  2. Hey Gals, Wow.. This is interesting timing I'll say... I was doing fairly well myself and about a month ago I decided to drop my Lexapro down to 15mg from 20mg and have been going through emotions myself too... LOL maybe it IS something in the air. I've been feeling kind of down and not quite myself again lately and some nausea in my head, although I've been holding kind of steady so I'm hoping that it passes with time... Piperdoll, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling pretty bad... How is your day today? Did you get to sleep last night? Have you had any recent changes or issues recently? How about yourself Ina? Sorry to hear you're also not feeling great... Although, it IS nice to hear from you both! I was thinking about you guys not too long ago... Ryan
  3. Hi Piperdoll & Ina1975, Just wanted to checkin and see how you both are doing... I've been doing alright. It's been a month since I've had a bout of low mood and two weeks since i've adjusted my Lexpro to 20mg. It's been going fairly well but I've been having some trouble waking up early and falling asleep... I hope this passes soon! Last night I had very diffucult time falling asleep so kind of dragging today. I feel like I just can't get my mind to stop going. Anyway, I hope that you both are doing well! Hope to you hear from ya soon! Ryan
  4. Hi Ina & Piperdoll! Very glad to hear from you... Sorry I've been slacking on responding... I've been up and down lately. I saw my doc last Monday and we decided to up my Lexapro to 20mg because I've been dealing with a small constant anxiety. Thankfully they haven't been panic attacks but just anxious that I can't seem to shake off. I decided to stop by Ritalin in the mean time because I had a few depressive episodes where I just felt really low in the afternoon and wanted to just close in on the couch. We're not entirely sure if IS the Ritalin but I've noticed over a few weeks of being on it I tend to slump so for now off the Ritalin and using the Xanax as needed, mostly at bed time to help me sleep. We may end up chaning meds... My doc thinks there may be a slight possibility "slight" that I could be bi-polar so we may try a different med altogether to see if there's any better response, but we're going to try and hold out a few more weeks to see how the adjustment to the Lexapro works out. Lately though I've just kind of been feeling zoned and more lethargic, I think from the Lexapro adjustment though. I was thinking of maybe trying a different SSRI altogether, like Proxac or Luvox. Either of had any experience with those yourself? Piperdoll, I was wondering... what's it's like when you're going through your derealization episodes? I only ask because I'm not sure if I'm familiar with them myself and I like to get other peoples perspectives to help myself understand better... If you can't explain it, I totally understand... I have to say that for the last couple of months, I've had this over arching feeling of just feeling spacy, zoned out and kind of like a highness in a way... I want to say it's the meds, but I don't know and sometimes it's hard to explain it. All in all things are going fairly well. The jobs been steady and good--but busy and I've been helping out at my Church more. We had an incident at work last week, that ended up keeping me up all night. That was a rough night but I made it through it and we ultimate got everything taken care of at work so it worked out well. I'm doing pretty good, just trying to shake off the low mood :( Ina, sorry to hear about your friend too! My family and I went to Punta Cana a couple of years ago. We stayed at the Ocean Blue hotel... Man, that was a fun trip!! I wouldn't mind going back someday.
  5. Hey Piperdoll! It must be something in the air... My anxiety the past week as well has been fairly high too... As a matter of fact, I've had to increase my medication up to 15mg for the time being. I swear it literally started after the new year... crazy. Otherwise I'm hanging in there... What did you have an anxiety attack about? Hope you're doing well otherwise! Ryan
  6. Hi Depressionarchive! I was just wondering how you were doing? Did you end up sticking with the Brintellix or switching over to something else? Thanks, Ryan
  7. Hi Ina! It's great to hear from you! That's really cool that your CBT is working out well and I hope you feel of yourself for getting through it. I've been thinking about maybe finding a group too. Things have been pretty good actually... Except for the past few days I've been in a bout of low mood for some reason. I stopped the Pristiq because I didn't quite like the adrenaline rush it was giving me. I'm still taking Lexapro and a small dose of Ritalin. Currently been staying at 7 1/2 mg Lexapro. It's kind of a weird dose but it's been doing me well. If I continue with the low mood though I may bump it back to 10mg, but I've been here since late October. I still have my rocky times too and ups and downs and dealing with some on/off anxiety and minor depression but overall I've been doing fairly well and still keeping up with my counseling too! That's awesome that you have a group going too! I wish I could be part of a local one here. Maybe I'll find one. Great to hear from you and I'm excited for you that you're doing well!! Hope to hear from you all soon! Hope you're having a pleasant holiday season! Ryan
  8. Hi Ina1975 & Piperdoll, Sorry I've been quiet... I've was traveling for the past 10 days for work and Tuesday just finally got home. It was a long but easy 10 days. I traveled back to LA for some work stuff that was going on. I've been managing. My last doctors visit a couple weeks ago we decided to go ahead and Pristiq. Sounds like it's the Lexapro of Effexor--the active half of Effexor. I've been dealing with a slump and even though the Lexapro has been working with my anxiety very well, I feel like it may have been starting to zap me and just not quite picking me up. I've been reading some mixed reviews about Effexor & Pristiq, both good and bad but I suppose you get that with any medication online. Anyway, the last couple of days i've worked myself down to 5mg of Lexapro and today I started the Pristiq. I feel a little bit peppey so we'll see how this turns out--please wish me luck and keep me in your prayers. Other than that everything has been kosher and going very well. Work is going very well! We've been getting a great seasonal change in Colorado--the colors have been beautiful here! It's been a great fall. Haven't experienced a fall like this for years and it's awesome! How are you two doing? I hope that you both are well! It's great to hear that you CBT is going well! I love my therapist--he's an awesome guy! Very down to earth. Great job on not running to the doctor BTW :) Talk to you soon! Ryan
  9. Hey you two! Very glad to hear from you both and I'm happy to hear that you're both hanging in there. I've been hanging in there, although seems like I've hit a depressive slump lately. I've been sticking right around 10-12.5mg. I was on 12.5 for a month or so and really leveled out with my anxiety but recently it seems like i've been pretty zapped or possibly hitting a depressive slump. It's been a little hard to get my mood elevated and break out of this so called "shell", so a couple days ago I decided to drop my Lexapro down to 10mg. I'm feeling a tad bit better so I'm hoping it's just a kind of zap from the medication. A few weeks ago I was at the pdoc's for a checkup and felt like I was doing fairly well so we tried to make an adjustment from Ritalin to Concerta, just a longer acting med for ADHD so it would be easier to take during the day but after about a week of that is when my slump hit so the doc wanted me to switch from Concerta and try Adderall.... just feel mostly speedy when I take it, so I may just go back to Ritalin. I wasn't taking much of it... Feel like I shouldn't have even tried changing... :( Anywho... that's been the recent news with me... I've been hanging in... just trying to get my other med squared away... I'm feeling like maybe I'll just stop taking it altogether for awhile... Glad to hear you're doing well! Ryan
  10. Hi Dolphin2013, Thanks for the update. I'm ADHD and have been dealing with some minor depression myself, currently taking Lexapro and recently started on Conerta. I'm just curious if, in the past year you had tried Concerta? I tried Strattera awhile ago but I'm not sure it was a right fit for me. I also tried Focalin but just ended up doing best taking 5mg Ritalin 3x day... Which, after discussing with my pdoc, thinking it might be a good fit for Concerta. Anyway, just curious and I hope you're doing well! Ryan
  11. Hi Community! I've been on Lexapro for a couple of years now. Over the past couple of years that I've been on it, I've felt like I really haven't been able to get stable on it. I don't feel like I've quite found that sweet spot and I feel like the medication may be pooping out. I'm currently taking 12.5mg--I know that's a weird dose, but I feel that if I go to 15mg I feel too lethargic and zapped and anything really less than 12.5 I feel quite a bit of anxiety. I think it's been a pretty tough road specifically because I've also been trying to get my ADHD settled down and recently made a switch to take a small daily dose of Concerta. To make a long story short, lately I've been feeling pretty nausous, like I can't focus, some residual anxiety and possibly a bit more depression. I guess what I'm trying to find out is, what are the initial signs of a medication no longer working as efficiently or pooping out? I don't quite feel like the medication has completely stopped working, but I've just been having a feeling that the medication isn't working as well anymore and may be on it's way out. I'm tired of bouncing around doses and just want to find that place where I can be content for awhile. Thanks everyone! Ryan
  12. Hey Ina1975 & Piperdoll! How are you two doing? My wife and I went camping this past weekend. Had a good time but I've been feeling kind of crappy the last few days Lots of nausea type feeling and feeling like my head is stuffy and headachey. Not sure if its my concerta or not. Hope you all are doing well! Ryan
  13. Hi Piperdoll! Thank you too! And thank you Ina1975! I know exactly how you're feeling. This site has been extremely helpful for me too over the past couple of years. Hi Maryann! Thanks for your suggestion. I actually hadn't heard of taking magnesium before. It's amazing how different things can throw different folks off balance. Did you find a vitamin deficiency? I've heard that taking a super B vitamin can help create the neurotransmitters to help with anxiety and depression. How is everyone doing today? Hope everyone is doing well... Ryan
  14. Hey Piperdoll, Sorry to read that you're having a tough time. For me when I change my meds I always get a little out of balance... What kind of therapist are you seeing? Are they a general therapist or do they specialize on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)? I ask because for me, the first time I started seeing a therapist I feel like I was reacting similarly to how you are, with a lot of anxiety. I wasn't seeing a CBT therapist but when I decided to switch it made a world of difference for me. To me a therapist should be helping the situation and not making it worse. The guy I see now is awesome. It's hard to explain in short writing but for myself CBT was the way to go. Also, regarding the benzo's, I have to admit that I was scared at first to try taking them as well. Id always get hung up on whether or not I would get addicted to them or if they would make me worse but I have to also admit that for my anxiety they have absolutely been a life saver and if it wasn't for Xanax I don't know where I would be. Xanax has helped me to be able to recover my sleep habits as well as knock down my anxiety before bed time. I've always though of my Xanax as an aid to my Lexapro and I only take it when I need it which I have come to realize that I'm not addicted to it. I was exactly in your shoes :) but it turned out for me to be a saving grace to my anxiety. I would suggest talking to your pdoc about it for those times when your anxiety is severe. It may help out in the long run. I feel you though... It's hard to feel like you're on track during the rough days. But I can attest to that it gets better but unfortunately it takes time. I hope you're feeling better. Let us know how you're doing. Ryan
  15. Hey Ina1975 & Piperdoll... Sounds like you both are hanging in there fairly well :) I have my up & down days still too. I haven't had bad anxiety for quite some time now but it's definitely taken me some time to adjust to the medication seening how sensitive I am to them. Ina1975, sorry to hear you had to take the kpin again but don't feel bad to yourself if you feel like you need to... I actually had to take a small chip of xanax again the other night because I couldn't get myself to fall asleep--so you're not in that one alone :) Happy belated Birthday Piperdoll! Hang in there, you will level out on your medication as well. Have you thought about possibly upping your dose a small amount? The Lexapro worked really well for me at 10mg for quite some time but then when I leveled out at that level I had to make a minor increasement to 15... That was the adjustment I made about a month or so ago. I was feeling pretty lethargic at 15 so I dropped it down to 12.5 and I seem to be doing really well there--I was also dealing with some of the dark feelings too but I feel like it may have been more of the medication zapping some of my emotions. I have to say, that 12.5 from 10 really seems like nothing in the grand scheme of things but because I'm so sensitive to the medications, that seems to be my spot. I've been trying to get back down to 10mg slowly but then I seem to have some minor anxiety. boooo! As for myself I've been hanging in there, doing ok... I've been pretty busy with getting our camper situtated and with work but it's nice to chat with you both! I hope your week turns out well!!
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