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  1. Thank you truly Depression Forums. For the people here that I helped or helped me. I thank you very much for everything. You wont be forgotten. I know we all and even myself have a long way to recover. But this is it for me. Never easy for me saying goodbye.. You are a wonderful people and we need more people like you all in this world. All of you are talented and special in your own ways. Wonderful beautiful people. This is something I deiced on. Ptsd or not I need to work on my life and my health. You can be mad or hate me or whisper things about me when I'm gone. But I hope in the future if not one you can all forgive me. If sad please don't be. Its none of your faults. We all must find a meaning for us in this life this world. And I am going to find mine. I know.. I said to some of you at times over and over.. I was going leave then came back. Sorry for that. This is real. This is my choice. I wish you all the best of luck in your lives. I love you all. Sorry if this is a bad speech. Never was good at those either. Fairwell loves.. Formerly Upsidedownsmile, ThoseAgelicEyes, Jess Dōmo arigatō~ *Bows for the last time*
  2. Right now I'm back into gaming. As of right now I am playing Alice Madness Returns On the Xbox360. Saving up money too to get Nintendo 3DS so I can get some games on that to play as well.
  3. Hello, I am sorry your in pain for something you did. For me I don't think it makes you a bad person If you feel so bad about it or regret. If somehow your willing to make some amends idk what kind like talk it out with someone or idk get help I think it would be good. I do not now much but I know some things. Other people here can help you out or show you places that could help you. Sorry if this dose no make sense. We all done bad things or mistakes or things we regret. I know the feeling too well some. Just know were human. We make mistakes. Bound to happen sometimes. What I think is if you were bad person as you say you would feel nothing and laugh at it. I think so far your not that. Hope things work out for you. Sorry If I was not much help. *Offers you a for luck and being kind*
  4. Black★Rock Shooter Ending song - Braveheart - The Gomband Mhmm.. Feeling it. Mood wise everything good.
  5. Well Welcome back Somewhat. *bows respectfully* Hope you get better on your road to your recovery. SS stuff.. I tried that on it now I think or two maybe. frustrating at times. But if you have it or getting it hope it works our for you. Ever need to vent or talk feel free to message me. Try my best to help but most of all listen. Btw...Love your picture on here pretty awesome. Reminds me of a book cover would look like ^.^
  6. Moving and doing stuff more. active like. Been sleeping and lazy I admit this morning, but relaxing and calming myself. Not sure sorta windy outside but looks nice maybe do something outside then things to keep me motivated in the house. Oooh make a short film of me outside like a weather girl XDD that be sweet... That's what I am looking forward to.
  7. Sixx A.M. - Life is Beautiful (slower version) Feeling the good things and bad still.
  8. I'm just quickly fixing or making sure my PC is up to date and organized. But looking forward to being outside more maybe filming stuff or flying my helicopter thing XD. Who knows.. enjoying the sunny day and maybe do craft stuff outside.
  9. Hello MXRacer367, Welcome to DF! Aw, so sorry you're having an hard time. We all go through it and even me. Life is not what some people think it is in movies or books. Its hard for some of us but things do tend to work out in the end. I know whats it like with friends not caring much or don't get it. I really hope the best for you and enjoy and find what you need on here. Sorry I can't be much help atm. Stay strong and try to hang in there.
  10. Lonely somewhat wanting people to hug me, (Friends..) other than family so I feel like I am worth it. Just confusing how other things I feel.
  11. Seven Nation Army - The Glitch Mob Remix Mood - There is no word for it..
  12. to DF! Its very nice to meet you. Hope you find everything you need here. Enjoy your stay!
  13. I don't know who even reads my posts on here anymore. If you don't know I have posted an update thread about my life and whats going on in it. I really don'y know if anyone still out there who is my friend on here or who cares. My best friend and my true love just well we both in a way but split up. I am NOT dissing him no. I feel is under stress a bit and thinking about a lot of things in his life. I wont say more because I respect his privacy. Prob been like a month or half one not fully one since we met and talked A LOT and then deiced to date and so on. What can any girl feel when there love says this. Yes I admit me like almost every girl out there hurt a bit. Really all I want his him to be happy and if he moves on then it's his choose. I am what he says a very loving beautiful trusting person and much more.I just hope he'll be alright. And I hope.... I can get through some of this pain. I mean ever since I met him he changed my life. Guess I could not explain that too him well or something. What ever happen, happen. I just hope and wish he will be ok and get better and happy again soon. Weird this was really my first love and I though true. I am sad but not angry. I care too much about him and others too. Part of who I am. If letting the person I love the most go to live there life or be happy with someone they way then so be it. I really don't know what to do at this moment or even tomorrow. Sorta numb I wont lie. I just hope I can keep being this new greater me now. If I ever hurt anyone on here or anything I am truly sorry. Maybe just me with mix paranoia about if I have people on here who care or are my friends. Not sure what else to say.
  14. Yes Broken is right on her last statement. I know trying to figure out who you are is tough sometimes I been there. Dont ever let someone tell you your not worth something because you are. You are a special person screw the ones who look down at you because your different in there eyes. There are more good people in this world who do care for you and will accept you for you. Maybe hard to find those right people but you will or they will find you. Dont give up hope ever and keep fighting. You are a beautiful person. So you want to become more female or fem like. Thats cool with me. I wont ever judge you or anyone. Be who you are or feel like. Dont be something your not. You are a special beautiful person and hope that others too will see it. ^,.,^ And I'm the one who PMed you too if not check it yet. ^^;;
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