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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Hey Sammy its been 2 months since i jumped up to 40 mgs of paxil. I Got paxil poopout with 20s they worked great for 2 years. The 40s haven't kicked in yet maybe its time to switch meds what do you think. Thanks TITAN
  4. Can someone please answer my question. Paxil for 2 years did wonders for me it stopped working. My doc upped the dose 2 40mgs 6 weeks and no relief. Should i suggest another med. Maybe its time my anxiety is at an 8 right know. Thank so much this forum is the greatest. TITAN
  5. Hey Sammy, I was on 20 mgs paxil for GAD it worked great for 2 years. It stopped workin so my doc upped the dose to 40 mgs. Its been 6 weeks no relief do you think I should give up on the paxil and try something else. Thanks TITAN
  6. Hey njcc, whay are you taking know for the GAD. TITAN
  7. Jkm, I was reading some older posts are you still on cymbalta. How did it work for you also is there a problem with it raising blood pressure. Thanks TITAN
  8. Hello Jkm, I was taking paxil for 2 years and it stopped working I have GAD my doc upped my dose to 40mgs its been 1 month and still not workin. Do you think 1 of the other ssri's would work or should i give the paxil a little more time. Thanks Titan
  9. Hey Bebo, I've tried zoloft it didn't do for me . I've been on 20mgs paxil for 2 years and it was working great. It pooped out on me so been on 40mg for 1 month still no relief. Think I'll ask my doc if its time to switch meds maybe lex or celexa. Titan
  10. Thanks Ados, My problem is I can't even get it up let alone orgasm.I thought maybe I could try another med with the paxil. I've got 2 problems the paxil isn't working yet and no sex drive. I was ok on 20 mgs it even helped me last alot longer. Thanks again
  11. Can anyone please tell me what can be taken with paxil to get the SEX DRIVE back again. 40 mgs and I can't even get it well you know what I mean. Thanks
  12. My doc gave me xanax but i only take it at night. No relief from the paxil yet. I'm thinking it might not work for me anymore. Life with anxiety sucks. I want to give the paxil a chance but i don't know when to give up on it. Thanks
  13. Hello Leonarda,if it took 12 weeks for the 20mg paxil to work could it take as long for the 40s. Thanks TITAN
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