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  1. I have been told that my symptoms are very similar to this but haven't found a doctor with the guts to diagnose it (I've been told it's too controversial). How did you get diagnosed with it? Was there a specialist that diagnosed you?
  2. Thank you. I must start having a better look around.
  3. I have been taking it for years now. I remember being tired in the first few days but after that the side effects have been minimal.
  4. I take doxepin for my anxiety and have just started on citalopram for depression.
  5. I have found lately this stuff called tart cherry juice or sleeping cherry juice. If you just aren't tired then try it. It has natural melatonin (not the synthetic stuff your doctor will give you).
  6. I have chronic fatigue. I have to nap every afternoon or I fall apart later in the day. I can only work in short spurts and then I need to rest. Not many people seem to bother to understand this so most people have just labeled me as lazy. When I'm not so tired I will read all of the information in here.
  7. I read this quite a while ago and it helped me realise a way to explain my own life. It's so well written.
  8. I will go and look for that room. Thank you. My own Dad has always treated me like I am just lazy and need to get out and become the workaholic he is. The only person who I have to talk about this with is my Mum and I feel like such a burden to her. My Nana died last year and she was the only other person who had been there for me my whole life. I think I need to talk to the doctor again and see if she can find me a good therapist. Thank you so much for the advice.
  9. Thank you for replying. :) I have been recommended acupuncture before but I have a fear of needles so I'm scared of doing it. I have had so many blood tests over the years that it's put me off. I might have to talk to my doctor about seeing another therapist. Someone who actually believes in depression this time. They were thinking of diagnosing me with fibromyalgia so I was sent to higher up doctor who started telling me how controversial it was and he wouldn't diagnose me with it.
  10. I felt like this pretty quickly but seem to have regressed back to feeling depressed.
  11. Hi, I guess I should tell you a bit of my story. I suffer from chronic fatigue for the last few years. It severely restricts the amount of activity I can do - think the spoon theory. Three or four years ago I had a series of panic attacks and was put on doxepin to control my anxiety. I was also sent to a counselor who basically told me I was just lazy. Just over the last three or four weeks, my anxiety has gotten out of control and I've also become depressed. I have been put on citalopram and it seemed to work for a few days but now I'm back to how I was. I'm hardly sleeping at night time because of my anxiety. I have in the past had suicidal thoughts and have told people (including the counselor) but it just gets ignored so I end up feeling like no one cares. I feel like even if you don't know how to talk to people about it at least try because it just makes me feel worse than I already do.
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