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  1. Today I did more extra/end of the year cleaning at work.
  2. I am on doxepin for the sleeping. My doctor had to up the dose recently. The other thing that worked for me was tart cherry juice/sleeping cherry juice. You can get it from pharmacies and health food shops.
  3. That sounds like me, apple. Have you had trouble getting diagnosed, too?
  4. You can get DVD's for workouts.
  5. That I do extra things at work that nobody will notice.
  6. I am on escitalopram and am feeling so much better. I actually have hope for the first time in ages.
  7. Work went well. I had a chat with an internet friend on facebook this morning. I found the biscuits I'd been looking for.
  8. I am doing pilates. I found a great place where the lady understands my chronic fatigue and has not pushed me too hard. I am trying to get to a place where I can join the group classes. I want to do yoga and swimming when I've mastered the pilates.
  9. Today I want to fold the washing and have a shower.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing ok. I'm very tired.
  11. Last night I went to my work christmas party and enjoyed it.
  12. Has anyone gone along to a support group? I have found one in my city and am going to go along next year. I hope it will help me to meet other people with the same condition.
  13. That's awful. I hope it gets better for you soon.
  14. All over the place. I'll be anxious and then fine. I was even a bit dizzy.
  15. Welcome! I live in Dunedin! Are you still here or at the place where your course is? My work is even part of the university. It's hard to get through but I hope you can find something that works. This forum definitely has so much information.
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