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  1. I'm not sure how long it takes but perhaps you talk to your doctor. The doctor at the hospital told me that he wished they had a pill like panadol where they gave it to you and a couple of hours you felt better but they don't.
  2. The doctor at the hospital gave me this the other day and I had the best sleeps on it but now I have none left and I'm scared of going back to what I was.
  3. A bit of a mess - disappointed, ashamed, relieved...
  4. There's not a lot of info about it. It's not been researched enough and it's very had to get diagnosed with. That might be why there are not a lot of videos.
  5. I am thankful for talking to one of Nana's old friends about her yesterday. It's nice to talk to someone who knew her in her youth.
  6. I asked my doctor if she'd referred me to the rheumatologist the other day and she said they can't even keep up with the current patients they have let alone any new ones but she was just going to refer me anyway. :verysad3:
  7. My doctor not telling me I'm crazy and helping me.
  8. Today was the last day of work and a major clean up. I managed to do everything I needed to.
  9. Just because it didn't work for someone else doesn't mean it wont work for you. It's worth a try.
  10. I talked to my doctor today and I said I was scared of going to the hospital because I thought they'd lock me up and she said they wont ever do that unless your a danger. So if you aren't going to go through with it then they wont do that.
  11. Thanks, Lindsay. I will have a look at it. I hope you can get a diagnosis, evalynn.
  12. Waiting for my Mum to get home so we can go away for the weekend.
  13. People telling you things at the last minute.
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