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  1. Hey Lise,

    I'm really sorry your plans fell through. I'm sure it feels really hurtful, but I caution you to not take this event personally. When we are depressed, we can become really hyper sensitive to rejection, and normal, everyday things can seem like the end of the world. I don't think that the fact that your cousin forgot means that you are forgettable or a failure as a person. I think it just means she forgot. Try to see if you can look at it as something not very nice that happened, but not as an indication of a personal failing.

    I know it was probably very difficult to make plans in the first place, but do you think you can try to reschedule with her? It sounds like you were looking forward to seeing her, so maybe you can try to see her again this weekend or next week.

    I think I overreacted. We made another time. We went to the park with two of her kids. It was lovely. I really enjoyed myself. She's a very busy person - she has three kids and she owns and runs a supermarket.

    I had been so nervous leading up to the original time that it was like a waste of everything.

  2. My therapist made me make a time to see my cousin. I set it all up a couple of weeks ago on facebook and I messaged her to confirm it today and she's forgotten and made other plans. I'm that forgettable and that much of a failure that people even forget plans I've made with them.

  3. I find to hard to talk about myself and open up. Last week she told me that it felt like I went to her for answers. She doesn't really give me ways to deal with things. It's very awkward now. Sometimes there silence and it's very awkward.

  4. I have had 9 sessions with my therapist (7 solo ones, 1 with my Mum & another with my Dad). It started off good but has become really awkward. I don't know what I should say. She doesn't really prompt me with a lot of questions. Today we talked about her moving house for example. I don't know what I should do? I'm not even sure what's really supposed to happen in therapy. It's confusing right now.

  5. When my younger daughter threw up this morning I got things under control very fast. Within 10 minutes the mess was cleaned up, she was changed and I'd set up a place for her to rest. I arranged for my mother to watch her for the hour or so my husband couldn't, and let her daycare know she wasn't coming in. I took care of it.

    Did some work. Finalized a workplan.

    Took care of supper- not gourmet, but everyone was nourished.

    I made the effort to spend quality time with both girls, and it did make me feel better.

    You achieved so much today! :D You should be very proud.

    Today I went to a new place which I was nervous about.

  6. I am having a lot of trouble with my Sister since my depression started. One day I overheard her saying that I was attention seeking and I got very angry. I told her if she thought that she incredibly ignorant. Since that day I have only seen her once. I have gone about asking her to help the wrong way which I have apologised for. My Mum just told me that she doesn't think she'll come home again and that she thinks that I'm taking all of Mum's attention. I think she's incredibly childish and selfish.

    A few years ago now she broke her leg and I looked after while she could barely move and now I need her help she's run away.

    I don't know what I can do. She doesn't seem to even want to make an effort to understand. It's very sad if this causes me to lose my only Sister but maybe she's just not worth it.

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