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  1. Oh wow, Uncertain, that must have been horrible! I hope you have time to heal since then. May I ask how long ago that was and how you have dealt with it since? And the fact that somebody even replied was comforting in itself, I feel like nobody has heard a word I've said in ages. Thank you so much for listening.
  2. I joined this forum a long time ago, but have never stayed around consistently. I still see a lot of familiar names, and some new ones, but I doubt if any of you really remember me. (I feel like I'm falling into oblivion everywhere.) Since I participated in any meaningful way here, a lot of my life's circumstances have changed, a beloved dog died, a disabled bro-in-law moved in with us (very hard for me as I can't hardly take care of myself and he requires a lot of accommodations), my husband is retiring (which will help with the bro-in-law situation, but I will have absolutely no space of my own), the very large family I grew up in that I once thought was tight knit has fallen apart even more, or should I say has excluded me more, and oh, yeah, as if my health problems weren't bad enough before, I've been diagnosed with a rare heart/lung disease that has a high mortality rate. Every year the holiday season gets worse and worse. Life is hard.
  3. Thank you goincrazy. (((Hugs))) back to you. Now i win.
  4. It's nice to see some familiar people here, even if I haven't been around for awhile. Im feeling all sorts of things right now. The term "unwell" is about at the top of my list.
  5. I decided it was time for me to win again. I need all the wins I can get --- even if somebody takes it away, right away. But I am winning now and that is what counts.
  6. It won't stop raining here. I normally like the rain, but I am tired of it.
  7. Haven't been here for awhile (again), see that a lot of you are still here. Sending hugs to those that want them. Hope your friend is there CC. I've been more than overwhelmed the last several months (long stories), but other than recovering from a massive headache at the moment, I'm a little better emotionally the past couple/three weeks especially. Well, maybe not this last week as much, as we had my mother staying with us who has dementia and a habit of sending unintentional digs my direction, plus demanded my constant attention and more physical effort than I would have for any length of time. But I put her on the plane a couple of hours ago to go back to Indiana and I'm anxious to get on with life. Going to go take a nap now though. Hope I can continue to get stronger emotionally.
  8. I'm feeling a mixture of things, mostly overwhelmed by how much life has thrown at me the last couple of years, and this last month especially, but proud of the fact that I've hung on as best I could and didn't give up. Hopeful things will lighten up. Super excited I'm getting a laptop in the next day or two and won't have to do everything on my little screen in my phone. YAY!
  9. I love how poetic all of you are. I've had a better day than I've had in a long time, in spite of an achy body. Hugs to all that want them.
  10. Too confused and overwhelmed to know what to say. But I've missed all of you.
  11. I'm a pretty (very) conservative person with my language, but in this case, I agree. I also love the idea of meeting together in real life, but know it is not practical for me. But hope some of you can, and would like to here about it. Today, in spite of much improved headache, (and because I was still having symptoms of a rare kind of migraine, tho headache part greatly diminished) my doc decided to give me 3 shots, one of which was a steroid to try to stop the migraine cycle. It made me crazy agitated for awhile, but I'm very hopeful.
  12. I might as well finish. . .
  13. Ha ha ha! (Oops, I won again.)
  14. Ok, Corbin, you've been dancing long enough. Time for me to take control of this happy dance and sail off into my sunset.
  15. YAY! I'm feeling a lot better physically today.
  16. We always knew you had the perfect heart, Squirrel!
  17. Have to add I'm very glad I'm not having to deal with dating anymore. Being married is hard enough.
  18. You are a sensitive soul TS, which has good and bad. The bad, everything hurts so much more. The good, you are much more capable of empathy than many people. Keep giving your opinions. (((Hugs)))
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