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About Me

I am a Catholic, married, 40-something woman living in the Chicago metro area. Although I do not have children, I am the proud aunt of one nephew, with another nephew, or niece, on the way!

My screen name Beanchop is a loving tribute to my beautiful "baby" - my dog of 15 years who passed from this life very recently. She lives on in our hearts.

I was diagnosed over 14 years ago with schizoaffective disorder, agoraphobia, and general anxiety disorder. Besides suffering major depression, panic attacks, and a confused reality, I have recently been diagnosed with mild OCD.

I take 7 meds to conquer my illnesses. In addition, I am a regular in therapy.

Although not diagnosed till I was 30, I always knew something was wrong. I suffered a severe breakdown at 17, which kickstarted my search for a proper diagnosis.

In addition to my mental disorders, I have a few physical ailments - endometriosis, nerve damage on left side, TMJ, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes - that demand my constant attention.

As for hobbies, I am a history buff, an avid reader, and the writer of romantic fiction. I like TV way too much (LOL) and am a frequent movie watcher.

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