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  1. Catching up on last week's TV shows. Right now, watching Agents of Shield.
  2. Forced myself to leave the house for awhile. Browsed Ikea.
  3. Happy Birthday Sweetheartღ¨*

  4. Thanks for the hello. This feels like home.

  5. Hi Bleedingheart, I'm glad the test has helped you learn more about yourself. I, too, found it amazingly revealing. Thanks for the invaluable info regarding personality disorders. ~Bean Individuals with these disorders often appear odd or peculiar. Individuals with these disorders have intense, unstable emotions, distorted self-perception, and/or behavioral impulsiveness.
  6. Hello wanew, I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from anxiety. It's good that you sought treatment. I'm happy for you that the paroxetine is working, but sorry that you're not seeing its full potential. Have you told your doc that you're still suffering symptoms of anxiety? Are you in therapy? So many of us here can relate to your story. You'll find tons of support here at DF. ~Bean
  7. Hey Deb, It's good that you had a sleep study done. A friend of mine recently underwent the same, and discovered that she had a deviated septum. Next time you see your doc, make your sleep issues the #1 reason why you're there. By stressing how badly these sleep problems are effecting you, your doc will take it more seriously and, perhaps, offer you some different treatment options. I suggest shutting off the TV. In fact, move it out of the room. Start using your room for sleep only. We can condition ourselves to view the bedroom as a place of rest, and therefore, make sleep easier to come by. To do this, you must use eliminate all other distractions - TV, books/magazines, computers, work, etc. Deb, please let us know what your doc says at your upcoming appt. Wishing you a restful, peaceful night's sleep. ~Bean
  8. Hi Emily, Starting new meds is always scary, but it's good that you took the positive step and sough treatment. I hope these meds offer you much relief from your panic disorder. You're in the right place for support. Everyone here understands anxiety and how debilitating it can be. You'll get a lot of help here. ~Bean
  9. Hello Rose, It's great to have you join us! DF is the #1 place (at least in my book! LOL) for support, support, and more support. Everyone here understands what you're going through, we are all here to help one another through times both bad and good. Keep talking, Rose. Talking helps. ~Bean
  10. Hello Emily, Happy to have you aboard! So many of our members wrestle daily with major depression and panic disorder. You will find many kindred souls here. Also, invaluable info and tons of support. I suggest you take a moment to check out some of the posts in Depression Central (DC) and Anxiety and Panic Disorders (APD). You may find some of the threads on those rooms easy to relate to. ~Bean
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