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  1. I have recently read about dyslexia. It cannot,and i mean it cannot be a coincidence that i have most symptoms is it? -Labelled lazy, dumb, careless, immature, "not trying hard enough, -Feels dumb; has poor self-esteem -Telented in art,drama,music,story-telling,pasionate about mechanics -Constant daydreaming -Clumbsy and uncoordinated,especially at ball games. -I am randomly ambidexterous but i am not. -I speak sometimes..wierd..as if i mix up words,sounds,order of words. -I can easily write and read mirrored. -I cannot grasp mathematics -Sometimes i feel as if i have eye problems but i see fine,i seem to be stereoblind,because when i see one of those 3d pictures which make you think that it's coming towards you i don't see that. -I am my class's "quiet one" -Low Self esteem -Strong sense of justice; emotionally sensitive; strives for perfection. -Sometimes i just randomly lose balance and nearly fall. What else do i think could be related to dyslexia?The fact that i was not active as a child,did not go outside much,did not play sport nearly at all,took a punch to the head ,right template not far from the right eye during the ninth grade,not much pain but bled. I mean it cannot be a coincidence that i show these symptoms right?Or is there a chance that my mind deliberately believes that i have these symptoms and i behave likewise? For example last night i read that Da Vinci wrote he's notes mirrored,i tried that today in class and i felt.."at home".
  2. I don't know what my life is going to be.Main reason?MATHEMATICS. In order to be even allowed to participate in the Admission tests for college and universities i need a minimum grade of 5 out of 10,or 6. Well i never achieved more than 2.And despite the fact that this is a private high school,that accursed teacher won't lift an extra finger to teach me better.(Note,contrary to general belief,at least in my country the dumb and careless go to private high schools as they graduate because they pay). Every d*** math hour I feel more and more as if I should do myself in.She told even to the dumbest of the class that they got chances to pass from 2 to over 5 because they have a "logical mind".She said that I don't have a logical mind and that I don't have a chance to understand mathematics...I mean if this is supposed to be "General culture" and i do not know it does that mean i have a severe mental illness?! And if that's not enough...the other two things I need to learn for the Admission tests are my native language and Geography (Europe and My nation's geography).I thought i'd stand a chance at those ,but tests and grades show otherwise.....like 4 at geography. Overall it's as if i cannot understand anything,as if I am capable of nothing. I hate that teacher...i mean SHE IS BEING PAYED OUT OF THE MONEY WE GIVE TO THE SCHOOL.Shouldn't she at least have the courtesty to gives us a paper which says "This is how it's done, *****" that explains us what we don't know?Heck anyone who ever got more than 5 at math has received private tutoring...be it from her or someone else.My parrents cannot afford such thing. ......All i ever wanted was to get the most minimum of all grades,even at the admission tests so I can study in the UK,at an university which only requests the minimum of all grades.Did I ask for so much?Am I really mentally reduced at a rate that i cannot understand "General Culture" ? What if i actually get to those exams?Only half the students of the nation passed it.Me?an ***** to rise among them and actually pass?that would be hard to believe.I was only called stupid by half of all the people i met during my life.Then again i never did meet a whole lot of people...
  3. Greetings cb2, There is no way i could posibly understand the you feel right now ,but i will try my best to help you. As i have learned by now,in life,you must fail in order to be succesfull. A boxer must be willing to take hits and knock outs,a business man must be prepared for hes business to fall,a lawyer must be aware that he can and will lose a case.Right now,you are learning.Right now you feel the bitter part of life.But this is only temporary.The sun always shines again soon enough. Right now life hits you,beats you down-Get up!Every time life hits you,get up and fight back. The world is indeed a big scary place,which is why it is up to you to make your world better. People are often rude and maybe even evil!But there are plenty of good ones overshadowed by the evil ones. Here is what i could advice you... -Meditate,very often,it helps you gather your thoughts. -Go and try to volunteer at charity centers.Putting a smile on a homeless old man or an orphan has no price. -If your brother is a decent and understanding person,try to do something togheter for your future and hes.Maybe the two of you are the next Grimm or Wright brothers? -Remember that tomorow can be a better day. Cheers!Hope you will get better,we will be here for you .
  4. I always did thought of this,but today i felt it confirmed by a small piece of poetry. Long story short,the "Mushroom" ,living in the dark , merely dared to go out in the sun and turned into a bitter poisonous ,part of hes own kind.As according to both the teacher and my understanding of the text,The mushroom of the story represents the low human who wanted to change he's fate.The result is that he was punished by the "greater powers" for merely having the slight idea of heading out into the sun (better fate higher destiny).That he wanted to change hes destiny. So i was thinking...what if i aswell for desiring a better future ,to leave my low-quality country and become something better,richer...is what made people hate me,me being sad and miserable,my parrents feeling bad and miserable,financial issues,no social life,and an overall empty-meaningless life?
  5. Hmm...based on the quiz you gave me Steven it seems i have only attention problems thank you.
  6. This is annoying!Last night as so many nights i went to sleep at about ...12 and a half midnight !Really not good when you have to wake up at 6 am sharp. For over 4 years i have not been once or twice to sleep withouth first spending half an hour imagining all sorts of stories and characters and stuff,it's not that i mind it i just mind it when i am about to go to sleep. Does anyone have any idea how to stop this?I mean triggers and such is pointless,what i need is an inventive trick to just stop me.Maybe something on my floor that would get in my way?
  7. This...makes so much sence!Never did i have the slightest notion that this is possible. Think about it : An Athlete who practices hes/her sport daily has low to no chances of getting sick or being stressed,while an inactive student stressed by their exams is in great danger of depression! Well now that the big "smart guys" discovered this all they need to do is find a way to fix it.
  8. By all means,a depressed person is NOT a crazy person.That is merely what idiots of society say because they are too dumb to think beyond a word. Personally i would like to be friend with depressed people,because they are usually the more intelligent,sensitive and concious folk. Besides many great people had and still have depression! Mark Twain,Agatha Christie,Issac Newton,Jim Carrey,Eminen!Britney Spears!The list is huge. No matter if you are a poor man or a famous singer,we all are vulnerable to depression and the related mental issues. You have done well to join the forum!The people here will help you.I for one read about just a few days and i already feel like a different man. Cheers and much happyness.
  9. I tried searching and trying online quizes but so far they are uncertain. How can I tell if I trully have it? In adition,a colleague of my mother has a son diagnosed with ADHD.Official with meds and all that. No matter how many doctors the woman has seen none can tell exactly what he has or how to treat it.Yes the doctors in my country...they are usually unskilled or expensive...or both.I don't know the child but she says he is a good boy,and has had enough of giving him so many meds which have done nothing but drain their already limited budget. I gotta help those people,and i should know if i do have ADD or ADHD myself.
  10. I don't know about most people,but this article sure gives me hope!
  11. Now i know i am just 17,but it is important to know what i want to do in the future right? That is my issue : I don't know what!I mean i watched motivational videos and people like Eric Thomas and i am ready to do whatever is in my power to achieve my dream!But i HAVE NO well defined DREAM.I mean i know i want succes, I want to study in The UK,but no matter what i study i don't know what job i want to have,what job i would be good at,what field.I mean i don't want to be some Chairman or a rock star i just want a decent job so that me and my family can be happy. As abilities and type i got the following : -From personality tests i determined i am a Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging type. -I have a strong imagination. -Fluent English and native Romanian speaker. -Philosophical aproach on things. -I had pretty good grades in subjects such as "Human resource management,Business Financing,Market Analizing" in high school. Well that's all i cand think of right now,any help is apreciated.Thank you And please do tell me if i wrote well (and gramar and spacing and all,it kinda is midnight as i am writing this). Cheers!
  12. Much of self-hatred comes from comparing oneself with others. I mean sure if someone just sees someone like Angelina Jolie or Robert Pattison and then looks in the mirror of course they will get sad.But you must all remember that the body is merely the outlook.I mean a lunch box won't determine how delicious lunch is right? That physically,now mentally remember what good qualities you have I.E good artist?Emphaty?*sigh* Mathematical ability?Know multiple languages? Just take some time one day in a good mood and write down what you are good at,best to write it down with someone close.
  13. Greetings Lise and Welcome, Mistake is human,and that counselor did one.Lazy...believe me i know what a lazy person is and you are not one. Anxiety is something not to be taken lightly.It could evolve into something much worse.Try checking several councelors,some acupuncture,some green tea,meditating.If you are the religious type than remember that God loves us all. Never give up hope!Today we might eat dried bread but tomorow we will feast!Today we will cry,but tomorow we will laugh!Tomorow can always be better than today.
  14. I am in my 12th grade right now.My plan is to get a decent baccalaureat (the SAT of my nation)grade so that i can leave to the United Kingdom and study there. I fear many things,I am most delusional. First,I need to get a grade of at least 6/10 at mathematics which...would be quite hard considering the subjects are ridiculously high,me always being a level of 2/10 at mathematics,and an insane mathematics teacher who hates me.Even one of our top students who studies daily mathematics is worried about not passing this subject (That studen also happends to be the teacher's niece).Now that gets me worried.What's next?I need my language (romanian) and geography grades (Europe and romanian geography,one grade's lenght).I can pass these,colleagues of mine say that i am capable of passing those yes.But again,i have many dellusional problems! I mean i heard insane stories of subjects being accidentally swapped,student's answer papers being lost in the process,the subjects made wrong.Heck and my handwriting is just plain UGLY.I mean what if i have all the knowledge but fail because my handwritings is so ugly it is not taken in consideration?Because that DOES HAPPEND. Now lets asume i can pass the exam.Let's asume i can get the overall grade necesary to actually be able to join an university?Then what? I can get a students loan for the university but living there would be...hard! I mean my parrents generally have a low financial situation,and there?Basicly our currency is worth buttons there.My low self esteem,my general lack of social experience is another issue.I mean i can talk in english nearly like a native,but i lack spine!I begin to sweat and feel my heart beating! And if i cannot study there i cannot stay here either!My country is in danger of being swallowed by political corruption and organized crime,what's worse in one or two years our currency will be changed into euro.I didn't had to study economy and finances to realize that will destroy this nation completely. I keep on hope...that if i study hard enough i will get to the UK,that I will live a decent life. I should not despair yet should I?I am not doomed yet am I? Thank you for your attention.
  15. Greetings Matthew. Welcome aboard!I just joined aswell. The thing is that our childhoods are only a small step in life.A bad childhood does not mean a doomed adulthood. Just because you did not have any friends,especially girl friends does not mean you will never have!You will always find people who love you for who you are.And just because you did not have a girlfriend yet,means that perhaps your fate is to have one,but that one is THE ONE.I'm talking about a soulmate.A soulmate is far better than any so called "Lover" you can get. For self discipline i would like to recommend the same thing that i recommend everyone : Meditating. I swear that at least a few minutes per day heals the soul,the body and the mind! Remember that "The show must go on" and that there is someone out there who is going to love you for just who you are. Cheers and good luck on college.
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