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  1. Move Mercyme I knew what I was getting into Misty Edwards History - Matthew West Overcomer Mandisa Moving forward Israel houghton (And these can help me not feel hopeless ~ ) There is a way - Newworldson Never Too late - third day grace Hang On - Plumb Hold On - daniel doss band
  2. NamelessAria, If I had a pet like maybe an adult cat or a small mammal that didn't require as much attention or maintenance, it may not make my isolation worse because of the possibility that I would lose what little motivation I have for increasing human companionship. I could go the low-attention/ low-maintenance route for now. Then, if and when the isolation and depression decrease, I could maybe consider an adult dog. Thanks for the thread!
  3. I thought of this thread today when I saw a bumper sticker that had paw prints & said, "Who rescued who?" :)
  4. Hi, I know it's been heartbreaking for you to go through this and I commend you for reaching out for help on this forum. That shows a level of love and concern that unfortunately many of us with deep depression just don't get. Or don't get enough or don't get the right kind whatever. I for one could definitely benefit from hearing and feeling (via touch) regular, sincere expressions of being cared about, valued and loved - in part because my childhood was virtually devoid of that and often then in fact I felt the opposite. Someone on this forum suggested to a family member of a depressed person a website on depression caregiving. You can Google that of course but I think it may be this one http://www.everydayhealth.com/depression/caregiving.aspx Best wishes to you and your sister.
  5. Hope against hope that one day I'll make progress in recovery.
  6. My therapist told me about the study where the people put pencils between their teeth to remind them to smile and they were supposed to smile for so much time. They said that it did improve their mood. I actually tried at home going around with a pencil in my mouth like that but it doesn't force you to smile and I would often forget to. So maybe I'll try one of those facial skincare mud masks which lock your skin into whatever position it's in when you put that stuff on. :lol: And I'm only semi-joking! I've tried virtually everything else so I might as well try that! If it works, I might e-mail the company and suggest they launch a new product, "the mood mask." It could also have a lavender fragrance for aromatherapy. :)
  7. That I'm doing some deep breathing right now. It helps. !
  8. We should try to do something that scares us every day. Even if it's small things and it feels scary. Small scary steps move you forward toward your real self. Doing something that scares us every day is gifting ourselves with the sweet relief that comes from desensitizing ourselves to our fears.
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