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  1. I take Wellbutrin SR, 150 twice a day. But it seems to wear off before the 2nd dose, and I get irritable, is the irritability a sign it is wearing off?
  2. I take 150 SR twice a day. It's a softer feel, than the XL which seem to make me more irritable..
  3. Wonderful combo, Zoloft Wellbutrin. It put maybe a total of 10 lbs on me , but that's it. It is worth it, this has been the best combo for me.
  4. Wellbutrin SR 150 mg twice a day. Working good.
  5. Yes, I have it too. Had a suspicion it was the Wellbutrin.
  6. Wellbutrin SR 300 mg, Lamictal 300mg, Zoloft 100mg. This combo has worked the best for me.
  7. I definately like the SR much better. Less side effects, less anger. The XL turned me into a bitch.
  8. Are all of you on the XL version ? I could not take that version, I am on the SR version, and it seems to cause less anger. I could not take the XL, made me a raving maniac.
  9. I take Wellbutrin with Zoloft, and it works very well. Went from 150 to 300 SR version only..
  10. I really liked topamax. It got rid of my headaches, and I felt relaxed on it. But I had to get off. I was losing hair like you would not believe, it would come off in handfuls. I was on 75, decreased to 50, then finally only 25mg. It did not stop the hair loss, I started with thick hair, and ended with the thinnest hair, hardly had any pony tail, and I had to get off it, or I would have started showing my scalp. My hair now, months later, is very very thin, I lost so much of it. I'd be on it still, if I didn't lose almost all my hair.
  11. Does just lamictal and Wellbutrin help anger ?
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